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Wednesday, 07 July 2010


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John Kimble

Excellent analysis.

If so many women are employed in the public sector why hasn't she previously complained about sexism against men in this regard, especially given the high unemployment rate amongst men. The "problem" she highlights would party be solved if we had more male teachers

Not heard much nonsense from Cooper in the past, it's a shame that she shares the view of her colleagues that children are the property of women.

There is one quite brilliant solution to many of Cooper's concerns, an EDM proposed by Lib Dem Adrian Sounders for child benefit to be split in cases of equal parenting (something not possible at present):


One might like to think that this sort of thinking is down to people electing mental pygmies, but it goes a lot deeper, doesn't it.

She makes it up because she CAN. She is automatically believed by so many who WANT to believe that women are victims. It is the MAIN attention-seeking rationale of a huge proportion of our population.

One might also think that it is confined to just over half the population - the 'empowered' woman-half - but one can barely listen to a 'public' chap talk these days without him refering to 'poor' women and how hard-done-by they are.

If this woman politician claimed that women are refugees from Venus she is likely to be believed by the Guardian and given column-space.

paul parmenter

When women are given all the benefits, allowances, affirmative actions, pseudo-jobs in the public sector and every other type of unearned hand-out that the feminists of the last Labour government could think of to pour into their laps, it is inevitable that when somebody puts the brake on the gravy train, it will be women who will find themselves crashing against the buffers. They are simply losing what they should never have had in the first place, and what men were never given. But how typical that the whining sex should twist that much-needed reality-check into yet another whinge that they are being victimised.


Up until the mid nineties the majority of single parents worked. Go further back and it was the vast majority. The picture is very different with the vast . Majority of male single parents work but the reverse is now the case for female single parents. Of course as most tax is paid by men, far from being independent as lauded by some feminists this just mea
s they rely on men through tax. Frank Field is right that male unemployment is a factor in this dependence on taxes, possibly more important is the belief people should be entitled to money whatever thier choices. I recall years ago the author of No More Sex Wars subsequently concluded that so much of the gender feminist project relied on using public money the best course of action was to join the Tax Payers Alliance. Though I don't think that is enough Yvette does remind us of the cost of supporting the women as victim agenda. At the very least the current gov should look at funding for quangos and other bodies whose purpose is to ague for special privileges for women. Of course Yvette also exposes the daftness of ignoring the interconnected nature of life and the fact that women are not some separate "class".

J. MacKie

If you read the DWP staff employment statistics you will find that 65% are female. Factor in their quota for Gays and ethnic minorities and you find that white heterosexual men are not really represented (certainly not in any focus group that the DWP maintain).
In my day at the Benefit Agency(read hell on earth for males, period) the figures were 75% female employees.
The interesting fact from the DWP website is that disciplinary procedures against males are twice the level as those against females. Given that the female/male employment ratio is roughly 2:1 then you are 4 times more likely to be disciplined if you are male.
Anecdotal evidence from my experience in the BA is this: A male colleague was reported for asking a female colleague who was a single mother "if she still kept in touch with the father"? He was on very good terms with the lady and she stated no.
A female colleague on the next desk reported him, stating " he asked her if she knew who the father was". Even with the support of the single mother colleague, my colleague went through hell in his disciplinary procedure by these feminist bitches.

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