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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


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John Kimble

It's also worth noting how the document neglects to mention the existing female sentencing discount and the extent to which female criminals even escape arrest (female paedophiles, female committing domestic violence etc).

I'm all for letting out a good few male and female criminals who've committed petty offences. Instead we should replace them with reverse rapists, those committing domestic abuse and those abusing children (an offence mostly committed by females)


You are quite right to point out that this, along with other reports and guidances ignores data from gov. agencies. Oddly many feminists have pointed out that the favourable sentencing of women reflects views from the "bench" that men are accountable for their actions but women are victims of circumstances and illnesses. Of course these views effectively mean that women are treated as adult "minors" inherently not able to be responsible adults. This guidance simply reinforces this essentially sexist view. Man face an unlikely alliance of old fashioned views about the"far sex" and gender feminists both seeking privilege for women rather than fairness. The latter years of Nulab had more of this stuff partly because the y faced more and more data contradicted their view. I hope the coalition has the gumption to use latest research and data and dump such nonsense.


That document really makes one's blood boil. Not a word about the spate of false accusations be cry rapists, domestic violence against men and countless other issues they have clearly deliberately missed-out.

Thank goodness Labour are out. The Tories have succumbed to the anti-male sexism but reading that just reminds me of how bad Labour are.

One day people will look back and read that and wonder in amazement how they got away with it.


The title of the 'guidance' is pure Orwell. Equal Treatment indeed. The Ministry of Truth would have put up posters.

paul parmenter

Don't be in any doubt about what this smelly little document actually represents. Do you see, it is nothing less than the abject surrender of feminism? They have fled the battlefield with their tails between their legs. Hoisted the white flag. Abdicated, abandoned, given up. The veneer has been stripped away to reveal the nasty, spiteful and deceitful face underneath. The face of a coward and a liar.

There is no longer any pretence whatsoever about "equality". This document has given up any attempt to maintain that sham. Instead it has fallen back on the ugly truth at the dark heart of feminism: that it is all about special treatment for women. Privilege, blatant discrimination, inequality, all to be indulged in for the purpose of letting females off the hook and for no other reason than that they possess a vagina. This is feminism showing its true colours: women taking care of their own sex and attempting to excuse themselves from the punishment they so willingly dish out to people who are different from themselves.

The true colour of feminism: a big streak of bright yellow.

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