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Wednesday, 05 January 2011


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The message is getting out slowly, oh so slowly. But it grows.

My 'fear' is that the rolling back of feminism is not going to happen in isolation. Too many people are involved and make their living from it.

Also it is part of an interlocking edifice supporting and shored up by leftist ideology, Green religion and the entire Academic world.

More effort is needed to bring the edifice down in all its parts, leaving no stone standing on another. It may need a substantial crisis.


An example of the hold it has is the recent re-naming of the YWCA. The women who set up the trust that fund it would, I,m sure, be horrified to find it now a feminist pressure group opposed to many Christian values (now called Platform 51). Possibly the only good thing in this is at least it now no longer hides its agenda behind an old and venerable name.

I don't know about a crisis but the "edifice" is at least more and more exposed it its true colours and varieties. Over the years many women and men have worked and supported the end of descriminations against women, the founders of the YWCA among them. Their ideals have become twisted into a narrow ideology of misandry by a powerful but small clique. This clique grew in strength over the past decade often dressing its policies as "equality" and popular even. Yet all the time knowing they commanded little wide support. The more this cliques true nature is exposed the more their juvenile ideaology will be exposed.


Im going to read and summarize FMAMM on my blog when I get an opportunity.

I've just recently read 'The Stern Review' though, and that was big one. If you get time, take a look at it, I think you'll find it interesting. Its a two part summary of the The Stern Review, with a third part 'my opinion'. Its got some interesting information on WAR (Women Against Rape), who Im sure you already know, are always in the British media.

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