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Friday, 04 February 2011


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Great post; I have noticed this happening all the time as well. Anyone who criticises a feminist or feminism is, apparently, a misogynist.

The BBC is one of the worst. I posted your link to the newssniffer site as an example of media bias against men, on the PM blog site.

Their response? To not only remove my post but to ban me from BBC message boards for life(!).

My response has been to write them an extremely, ahem, assertive email telling them exactly what I think of them (without the cuss words, however). I also immediately rang TV Licensing and cancelled my TV licence. And told the nice young lady on the phone that I considered TV Licensing to be morally corrupt and I would never let any of their 'representatives' in to snoop around my home. All this happened this morning.

We need to start not only complaining, but voting with our feet here. If you pay the BBC licence fee, you are basically paying a monthly fee to be belittled and insulted, as a man.

I can get that for free on Usenet.

John Kimble

Good stuff by why is it Raab's test? Many identified this problem well before he did.

Any sensible person can see blatant sexism when they come across it. Similarity so many people are now fully aware of the hypocrisy and double standards of so many feminists (many of them feminists of ex-feminists themselves).

Jon - glad you enjoyed my News Sniffer research. Thanks for spreading the word, it really does help.


Oops, thanks John; didn't realise it was your research.

Not sure how much contribution it made to 'spreading the word' however, my posts were only up for 12 hours or so before they removed them and banned me, to save their embarrassment.

I'm not convinced about the 'any sensible person' argument, however. A lot of this depends on how much the media has influenced people's thinking in the past. Particularly when talking about 'discrimination by omission'. As an example think of the *types* of stories that are 'sent to print'. Eg there are countless stories about the gender pay gap.

(incidentally I am sure on a purely statistical basis they are correct: men on average earn more than women - what I dispute is the reasons for this)

But anyway - countless stories about the gender pay gap... how many stories are there about 90% of homeless people being male? Very few. And yet this is not immediately obvious from looking at one story. Rather this discrimination manifests itself in what the media decide NOT to cover.

Sorry for the waffle, but my point is that it is the *focus* of the media that is our biggest hurdle, not necessarily specific examples of obvious sexism in particular stories - which organisations like the BBC tend to be far more wary of.

This is why I think the BBC Weekly news quiz was amended as quickly as it was - also probably contributed to my lifetime ban. :)

John Kimble

Pleased to see you taking a stand against the BBC though have you considered re-registering under a different name?

The only appropriate response to censorship is to repost to repost the information and add far more too it. Do not be silenced.


Excellent updates, John and Skimmy.

I have written (emailed) Raab with my support.

You guys are doing a first class job of reporting on this site.

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Do concentrate on healing and resist any wish to see punishment delivered to the "cheater." The desires to see someone else hurt will slow, even retard, the healing process. Seeing the "cheater" get their just deserts shouldn't be confused with closure. And a note of caution to the traditionalist view that men cheat more than women, it isn't likely to be so. Men and women are more than likely to be equal in both opportunity and in taking advantage of same.

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