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Sunday, 19 June 2011


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No fault divorces favour women. The mass media propaganda about domestic violence, encouraging women to escape relationships. Pop songs and soaps, indicate the 'empowerment' to women that break up a heterosexual relationship. The bureaucracy that encourages the handing over of children to the nurseries and primary schools, so that women can do the jobs exclusively offered to them by Harriet Harman's 'equality bill'. The secret family courts that presume the father to be guilty until proven otherwise...

So naturally it must be the father to blame! That 'BBC cut' David Cameron, the professional mangina, is in perfect position to repeal all the destructive laws imposed by the Marxist-Feminist State, yet his labial reflex response is to blame those who have been completely disenfranchised: the fathers.

And how would Cameron senior have reacted to Tory advice regarding "getting on his bike", if he were not born to wealth, but instead left on the dole, for being a man?


Where are the Fathers rights and Men's rights groups on the DM article, the MP'S Facebook pages and so on? Every one of them should be pounding on Cameron's door for this. Tell me what the feminists would do if it had been about Mothers? Yeah you know....Men need to get more organised to attack this kind of thing.


Just think Mr Camoron, if so many of us Fathers where not being denied rights to see our child we would not be sitting here telling you your a prat on Fathers day would we :-)

John Taylor

Could not agree more, Ian... Men, indeed do need to get more organised...

However stating that, I stress, I am now in the "early retirement mode" - currently fighting the threat to cut Winter Fuel Payments - after Cameron stood up on TV and stated: "We are committed to keeping the winter fuel allowance"...


After all these years of fighting John..I feel like I am in early retirement mode at 43 :-)


I have fought for my daughters for 10 years before they came to the gages of 15 and 11 they are now 19 and 15. I was stopped at every turn by their mother supported by Cafcass and SS in spite of being accused of having severe emotional and anger problems also they suggested I was a psychopath..
A Recorder suggested that myself and my ex wife also our eldest daughter were assessed, I was the only one whom agreed and the resultant report stated that I had NO Disorder and that the Cafcass officers Tony Carlson's report was totally biased.
This report also his court statement was ignored bearing in mind this assessment was carried out in 1998. My ex took my daughters in 1997 after her embezzlement from my business came to my attention she alleged violence ( NO EVIDENCE ) and I was ignored from then on !.

I have two son's to another woman, The eldest was 18 months when I met their mum and his dad had been no where near since his birth ( I later found out that she had " Sent people to sort him out " and falsely reported him for various crimes.. She told me this on what she believed to be her death bed in 2005 when she suffered an almost Fatal allergic reaction to medication which caused Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and had I not got her to hospital when I did she would have died.
They later prescribed OXICONTIN this coupled with the trauma of the illness and resultant skin loss had a severe psychological effect on her.
She became violent and paranoid in November of that year she left with my Son's later in December she alleged Violence and I was treat like a criminal yet again the resultant Finding of fact proved No Domestic violence and she was ordered to allow contact which did not occur.
Cafcass subsequently became involved and recommended contact but this was a further six month on.
Five years later My eldest believes he should not see me as he is not mine and he " Does not Need to see me because I am not his dad" and as a result I have not had contact with him in 4 years.
Last year I was accused by SS and subsequently Cafcass of having a " Possible Personality Disorder " and was asked to undergo my second Psyc assessment in 12 years even though I placed before the court the first they stated it was of little value as things change.
£3500 later yet another resounding Clean Bill of Health ( Mentally ) this was again ignored at court and focus was placed on SS's assessment of me ?
We were in court last week with clear Medical evidence on the mothers Alcohol and Prescription Drug(Oxicontin & Morphine) abuse also evidence of at least 4 Suicide attempts.
But Cafcass recommended that my youngest stay with her as Social services have no concerns as to mums care of the Boys and it would be detrimental to septate them.
The Cafcass officer Rhona Fleming lied on oath and the Judge was Wrongly assured that the latest alcohol test was negative showing a reduction of 30 Units per day to ZERO in a month !
This actually shows Chronic alcohol abuse and Binge drinking over the past six months since the Three month test to September last showing the 30 Units per day Alcohol abuse!
My son's mum was commended for this feet and I was told that I needed to be more cooperative with the mum?

I know the thread has moved of a little but tell me prey WHERE is the Equality in this my story. which is repeated almost daily all over our once great country.
What cost to our descendants !
It would be of great Benefit to our Cause it we could approach one MP the act as our Voice.
But due to the legislation that an MP can only act for their own continuant they will treat us as individuals and continue to say there is no real collective evidence.
See the Email I received on this subject..
Our Children and ourselves have a right to change!

‎20/07/2010 11:17
Dear Mr Barnard

Thank you for contacting me on this issue. I have noted your concerns
but I am afraid that I am not able to help you directly.

There is a strict parliamentary protocol that Members of Parliament do
not seek to intervene in matters raised by the constituents of other
Members. If you have not already done so, I recommend that you write to
your own Member of Parliament for assistance.
Your MP;
Penistone and Stocksbridge
Member for this constituency - Angela Smith
Party - Labour
Website -
Address - Angela Smith, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Yours sincerely

Nick Clegg MP

Sheffield Hallam
Office: 85 Nethergreen Road, Sheffield, S11 7EH
Tel: 0114 230 9002 Fax: 0114 230 9614

I might add I still have not received a response from Angela Smith though I Contacted her office on the day of receipt this Email and several times since !

I will leave this statement I made to the solicitor a few months ago :-

Our individual Cases are the individual Battles -
The improper nature of the application of Family Law is the War in which we are engaged.
This War will only be won In Law and With it's Just application !
The Deciding battles will be those in which the Law is set back to it's true purpose....

To Protect !
And until there is a single Voice for all the alleged individual cases and as such easily dismissed as "One off's
We will never bring this problem into the light and put a stop to what is tantamount to institutionalised abuse of rights of the father & the Child !


At your "old" age, Ian - you are young enough to achieve the objective...


I know, that's why I want to try to make a few quid and get the HELL out of this horrid Country :-)

John Kimble

Excellent article though I would take issue with this line:

"who is presiding over a coalition government as anti-male as the last Labour government"

We had Harman running the country for a week under the last government, it's going to be hard to ever match that level of misandry combined with power.

Yes the coaltion is very sexist and closer to labour than we'd like. However there's still a big gap.

Also if Labour were back in power they'd now be building on all their previous misandry trying to make things even harder for men and boys.

Finally it's worth noting the motivation behind any sexism - the Tories generally arrive at such views from a male chivalry perspective or say nasty things just to win votes. On the other hand many in the Labour Party are genuinely committed to man hating and would continue to do it regardless of the impact at the ballot box. It's part of their core beliefs.


Well, my days of not taking Cameron seriously are definitely coming to a middle.

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