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Tuesday, 01 November 2011


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Brilliant article. It looks like Women's Aid and CAADA may have a hand in govenment policy.

Women who would otherwise be refused legal aid will turn to false domestic violence allegations to get it, which then have a better chance of being 'proved' due to men not having legal aid to defend themselves. This will increase the number of convictions (and of course accusations).

Then Womens Aid and co will cite this to extort more money from public funds, thus the circle is complete.

The Feminist Industrial Complex at its finest.


What's really starting to f*ck me off is that most of these clowns agreeing and promoting these *strategic and supposedly for the better changes* are MEN in high power positions! They all need their heads sticking down the toilet for a ruddy good flush out! They're all of the same ilk, you know, the breed of men always looking for female approval, always finding ways to impress the girls at the expense of their male friends. Idiots! and obviously too many of them in positions of power. God help us!


And now proof positive of the Legal Profession's true bias.

It seems institutional sexism is not to be challenged when it is so obvious in the Family Courts.

Men really do have to wake up. As you say its men who are agents of so much of this.


This report was commissioned by the last labour govt. Just goes to show how far ahead they were planning and now their little minion Norgrove took his 'findings' straight out of Harman's cauldron.

Never thought I'd be saying this but, thank God for Iain Duncan Smith.

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