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Thursday, 22 December 2011


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John Kimble

That Wales online page shows that one of the opponents of McEvoy/Pizzey is a labour councillor. However, a quick search shows the other writer is too (or at least a candidate and Labour Party member):

Who'd have thought it, Labour politicians siding with misandric feminists and playing politics with the issue of domestic violence. Their denied of

I realsie the Tories and Lib Dems haven't been very useful in relation to equality issues (to say the least), but this is a useful reminder as to where most of the real enemies of equality are to be found.

Further proof of that is this gem of a quote:

"Men are only denied access to their children if they persistently go against court orders, injunctions and behaved unreasonably."

What planet is this woman on? That's about the most ridiculous statement I've seen all year. I doubt even the Guardian would publish anything quite as ridiculous, offensive and blatantly false as that. If McEvoy's comments are offensive and problematic then what about Iona Gordon's?

Perhaps we should start a campaign to have her suspended?


I see the good news from the last Citizenship Survey didn't get reported.

Gender discrimination in work a tiny problem (for both men and women),you'd think the Fawcett Society would hail this good news.

"5.57 Overall, one per cent of people who had looked for work cited gender
as a reason for being discriminated against when refused a job; and
two per cent of employees cited gender as a factor in being
discriminated against regarding a promotion. Males and females were
equally likely to cite gender as a reason for discrimination in relation to being
refused a job (in both cases 1%), while female employees were slightly more
likely than male employees to cite gender as a reason for discrimination
regarding promotion (2% of females compared with 1% of males)"


“In a typical month, 78% of newspaper articles are written by men, 72% of Question Time contributors are men and 84% of reporters and guests on Radio 4's Today show are men”.
And don’t forget the 99% who dig the roads, mine for coal, drill for oil, drive lorries, build and maintain our homes, construct our infrastructure, and a shed load of other filthy, unsociable and dangerously high risk jobs that men do for the benefit of human-kind! I love the way women crave to get into the boardroom with no volunteers for contributing to the real nitty-gritty! And I loathe the fact that no male politician has ever had the guts to make a point of saying this!!!!


Harriet Harman repeatedly complained (and complains) about the lack of female leadership positions in politics.

Yet when given the chance herself to go for the role - when the Milibands went head to head - she had absolutely no interest. Says it all really and to me that is hipocrisy.


Merry Christmas guys !! All the best to you.

Thomas Pellow

"Thousands of children have spent Christmas without their fathers. That's criminal, Mr Clarke."

Read more:

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