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Monday, 30 January 2012


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Mike Buchanan

A great post. It reinforced yet again that what drives the feminists is more than special treatment for women, it's special treatment for themselves as a group.

Dr Catherine Hakim, the highly regarded sociologist formerly with the LSE and now with the CPS, put forward her 'Preference Theory' in 2000, estimating that only 14% of women were 'work-centred'. Often childless women, their career was the most important thing in these women's lives. Swayne O'Pie in 'Why Britain Hates Men' points out that feminists are concentrated in this 14%.

So, all the assaults (on men, women, the family, the legal system, academia, business, the media, and much else) are done to serve the interests of 14% of women, or 7% of the population. If this is democracy, then I'm a jam doughnut.

On a more positive note, it's great to see so much going on to raise public consciousness about the manipulations of feminists. I predict 2012 will see a major rise in the public's appreciation of the damage being wrought by these damnable women - and the small number of equally damnable men, too. On the latter subject I recommend Dick Masterson's section on male feminists ('manginas') in his book 'Men are Better Than Women'. Very funny.

Have a great week!

Mike Buchanan


Yes, I agree Mike - that 2012 will start to see the media focus on issues that I (and I'm sure you guys) first recognised probably 20 years ago! I can remember moaning back then about how young females were supported by the Government what with the outrageous benefits system, the preferential treatment they received at work regarding child care etc; and then there was car insurance premiums, pensions, bus passes etc. I know we still have a long way to go and, unfortunately, I could still write a huge list of male discrimination issues, but I think all of these issues will slowly get eroded away over the next few years. I think the internet has been an extremely powerful tool which has meant men can finally state their case regarding just how thoroughly fed up they have become! It's great to know that more and more websites of this ilk are popping up and getting support. I wonder if many women/feminists read these sites!!

Mike Buchanan

Thanks Dave. I don't know if feminists read these sites but I'd like to think so... hopefully they SEETHE when they read the content, just as we seethe at their websites, blogs and activities.

I found the DCLG report extract so remarkable (my thanks to this site, and 'Groan' for bringing it to my attention) that it inspired me to write an 'open letter' to Theresa May MP, in which I include the extract. Copies have been emailed to all 306 Tory MPs (their feminist PAs have already started to block my emails haha). I've included the content of the letter in a new post on my blog today: Feel free to add a comment if you can spare a minute or two. Thanks.

Let the good fight continue...

Mike Buchanan


Mike, just tried to leave a comment. Is there a way to leave a comment (like on this site) by just entering in your name and email? I'm one of those sad people who don't have a facebook or Twitter account login etc.

Mike Buchanan

Dave, maybe that's why the blog's been a bit light on comments so far - perhaps others have had the same problem. I shall look into the matter and reply through this post. Thanks for trying!

Mike Buchanan

Dave, I've now amended the settings on so it should now be easier to post comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Buchanan

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