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Thursday, 26 January 2012


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I hope you guys are all leaving comments with these on-line paper columns. I must say, I'm really impressed just how many comments there are these days, particularly in the DM, that support the notion of men's rights. And the more comments there are supporting the articles, the more likely the papers will begin to drum up support by publishing even more articles. Actually, I am starting to think that men's rights could be the next big thing as far as the media isconcerned. I think they've been a bit wary up to now, but I'm pretty sure that this all could start to gather pace over the next couple of years.

John Kimble

Good point Dave, it's also important to upvote the best comments and downvote poor ones.


Yes indeed. As the feminist list of "issues" shrinks because the evidence contradicts them. In education, work,family law, health and pensions their case is crumbling. However the deep societal belief in the need to protect the young and women has been coopted in the ideological battle to support privileges for women. The DV industry is possibly the last ground where the ideology still suppresses all discussion and where the appears still public support. Let's show the media that people are interested on the truth and support those shining a light on this denial of human rights.

Erriccson Roze

The comments on all stories are generally very encouraging because they show public opinion is shifting towards all victims of domestic abuse and not just female victims.

Phil Wilkinson

Ex-wife made claims that she walked out on me aver MY abuse - I discovered she was having an 'inappropriate' relationship with an ex-pal of mine who is a serving police officer.

That explains my being arrested.

I remarried and she made the same claims to the local authorities where I now live - and a fostering application fell through.

Liars never stop. Unfortunately, a woman claiming domestic abuse etc. are NEVER called to task or doubted. A man who is the victim is viewed thus:

"Well, he would say that, wouldn't he."

Damned if we defend and damned if we don't.

My new wife has just stormed off to bed because of the things my ex has said.

Well done society...

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