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Friday, 24 February 2012


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Mike Buchanan

Dear God, how COULD Cameron be more pro-women? Impossible. I guess he must listen to a constant stream of propaganda from the likes of The Force It! Society telling him he'll lose the 'women's vote' if he doesn't relentlessly pursue pro-female and anti-male policies. I'd love to know how he'd explain Margaret Thatcher's popularity among women voters, given she didn't believe in such policies. What a very impressive politician she was in comparison with Dave. Hell, in comparison with anyone.

Oh, and I suspect the only reason there's been progress on 'shared parenting' - assuming the government really does what it says it will - is that the status quo is so damaging to so many children; I doubt that the fact it would be welcomed by fathers played any part in the decision.

Mike Buchanan


I reckon shared parenting is more to do with allowing women more choices when it comes to getting out to work, rather than any benefit for Fathers. Any benefits for men are never recognised and acted on. And I simply won't vote for any party until I see a paradigm shift in attidude. DC is truly screwed up!


Not at all surprised by the comments above however men and the majority of women must start to fight back. Many more of us have to contact our MP's, every day if necessary, and respond by letter or email to any and all individuals or organisations and cc as many people as possible who push false statistics or dress up opinion as facts based on the feminist agenda and demand evidence. Generally they do not respond because they do not have evidence to support their skewed thought processes however if enough of us do it the wider world will eventually realise that this is plain wrong and force politicains to take note. There is a great deal of anger brewing and the backlash against the feminist obnoxious bigots, as Dominic Raab MP so succinctly put it, will erupt sooner rather than later me thinks.

Michael Steane

Cameron is not pro-woman. He only thinks he is. Most women know perfectly well that they are highly privilged and that people like Theresa May are in a small but shrill minority seeking further oppression of men.


Good morning Michael

Interesting comment however Can you enlarge on your comment "he only thinks he is"

labour hire

I hope equal rights will be given to both elite, average and poor women in UK.


Labour hire - but that would effectively lower their rights to fall in line with men's rights. e.g homeless to match men's stats, women's health/welfare budget cut, custody rights, domestic violence stops getting reported and acknowledged, longer prison sentences with no pref. treatment etc. etc.

Are you sure you want UK women to become equal to men?

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