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Sunday, 25 March 2012


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Mike Buchanan

Good to see continuing interest in the 'gender balance in the boardroom' topic. We need to better recognise that most militant feminists' 'successes' are attributable to compliant men in positions of power handing power over to women as fast as they demand it.

At the recent launch of The Anti-Feminism League I handed out 'Toady' awards, Toadies being male collaborators with militant feminism. 'Toady of the Year (2012)' was - who else could it be? - David Cameron.
Email me at if you'd like a PDF of his certificate. Other Toadies include the 33 'captains of industry' who are members of the 30 percent club, also the Director-General of the CBI. The CBI's role in all this has been utterly shameful.

The Editor of the 'Radio Times' has just won a Toady, details on the blog.

Mike Buchanan


More Misandrist filth in politics. Time to clean house of these vermin.


Here is the figures I obtained for my local county council. As you will see:

January 2011 - Male: 3,320 Female: 12,617

October 2011 - Male: 3,071 (92% remain)

October 2011 - Female: 12,033 (95% remain)

Which still shows despite Female employment being an incredible 84% as of January 2011, a grotesque equality imbalance, the higher amount of cuts overall were Male, nearly twice as many.

Now lets look at the value for money these 84% female workforce give the tax payer and then ask why the hell is it being done?

Lets see the figures:

Male sickness: 11,370.50
Female sickness: 45,565.00
Pro rata days lost Male: 9,392.93
Pro rata days lost Female: 30,695.39

False Equality is Misandry and is a waste of MILLIONS to the tax payer.


Regarding the above and as pointed out in one of excellent videos, the media never differentiate between gender on matters like this, they are only referred to as "the workforce", why do they not publish these dreadful figures that I have, surely that is in the public interest?

The only time the media mentions MEN or WOMEN is when it is in the negative for MEN.


It beats me as to why these sorts of stats are NEVER widely reported by the media. I think it all boils down to an overriding, behavioural instinct for men to protect women and for women to lap it up at the expense of men. I guess this behaviour must extend multifaceted across the world and be embedded into every part of society, encompassing all industries including the media where the men who work alongside their female counterparts are too damned scared to speak the truth. Because if they did speak the truth, they would be ridiculed, ousted and perpetually mentally tortured by women (and many men) for going against the grain! Sometimes, I think half the battle is getting men to get a grip by support themselves (plus their Sons, Brothers, Fathers etc.) for once. I think most men are still in training pants when it comes to supporting themselves. Anyway, good points Ian!


>>> "The Sun - Girl who lured my brother to his death could be free in three years (Grant Rollings) - A clear example of a ludicrous sentence passed against someone just because she is a woman."

I agree with most men's right stuff, but not this. This is ridiculous.

He tried to rape her. She got revenge. Good.

I don't believe justice has to be proportional -- he initiated the evil between them. He got the worst end of it. Better than the other way around.

I don't even have a moral problem with her at all. I'd be her friend. I'd date her. I'd marry her. (I don't know her well enough; I might not even like her. But the point is, *this* wouldn't put me off.)

No reason a person has to put up with someone trying to rape them.


Basically, she did this:

You know, you shouldn't try to enslave people either. If you do, it might come back to bite me.

Ask me if I shed one tear for the slavers?

That's how many tears I shed for (actual, bona fide) rapists:


*bite you

Although rapists can "bite me". I'm not defending men who do that.

The vast majority of men sure, but that's several steps too far.

F* feminsm

Cristoph: How ridiculous!

So by that measure if the woman burns the cooking she should get a beating as the norm? if your girlfriend screws your mate you should be able to smash her face in with a bat?

Better still, How about if she makes a false allegation of rape and ruins your life, I think death would be suitable by that measure don't you ?

If one wants such vicious reprisals then I tell you what, when Women are held as accountable and as responsible for their actions as Men are and receive the exact same sentences in prison as men do..then we can talk punishments eh?


Mumsnet: The premium website for "damaged goods", sponsored by M&S


Cristoph: ALLEGED rape. Which is why vigilante justice is illegal.


You can see what is wrong with some men and what causes the MRA such problems at times can't you, when you look at Cristoph (presuming it is male).

The blind brainwashed first thought toward that of the "auto-victim" - ask no questions first - view of females that has been drummed into him.

Men really need to get this kind of reaction and thinking out of their heads.


That's spot on Dave. It seems it is human psychology to automatically categorise male and female as "the actor" and "the acted upon". Hence when we see a man beat a woman, he is evil, but if we see a woman beating a man, he must have done something evil to deserve it. Hence why the establishment are so ready to believe that it is more likely that a man raped a woman than it is for a woman to have lied about being raped. Hence also why unemotive discussion about rape, as a serious crime, is almost impossible.


Nice to see has been blocked via THREE 3g service as of today.

Truth is Porn!


International Workers' Memorial Day, 28 April

Every year we remember those people who have been killed in incidents at work or by occupational illnesses

International Workers' Memorial Day is about remembering the dead and safeguarding the living. It’s also about making sure we do everything possible to prevent deaths, injury and diseases in the workplace and continue to improve health and safety at work.

Of course the Gender imbalace here is hidden as it is overwhelmingly men who die.


I'm hopeful we see some additional functionality pulled into these records down the road, as I'm sure you are too...

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