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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


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Justice isn't's feminist I can't wait to see the future and where all this will go, they have no idea do they. Hopefully I will be long out of this country by then.


Listen, let me tell you, women (and, in fact, all of society) have no respect for men whatsoever. It's as plain and simple as that. And that's why men are treated unfairly; it's simply a matter of lack of respect and common decency. I've said it before and I'll say it again - men, in general, are more respectful and fundamentally more decent in terms of how they treat and protect women. They fight and die for women and they are prepared to spare women punishment in favour of dishing more out to men. It makes women feel good and nobody cares about men feeling crap. The culture spans every aspect of society and is deeply entrenched into the behavioural aspects of society. It's hard to break and it's sickening to watch so many people put up with this ubiquitous nonsense. Everywhere I go and everywhere I look I see men disrespected whilst women get preferential treatment and protection. Yesterday I listened to a radio broadcast complaining about sexual objectification of women in the media. I can't be bothered to go into all what they said suffice to say that, according to them, men were to blame and women were the victims of evil men looking at and objectifying them.

Then I turn the TV on and put myself though 5 mins of agony watching Loose Women. Now, I'd like to ask why on Loose Women they are able to, in a prime-time lunchtime slot when young children are watching, show this picture (the top colour one), close up with no censorship at all whilst discussing between themselves how sexy and hunky and gorgeous he is, and that they'd love to take him to bed and that they wished every guy was like that etc. etc.

Can someone please explain to me why they can get away with this when it's quite clear that showing a picture of a woman with pubic hair protruding out of her jeans would be prohibited? Thanks.


Dave, you are spot on with your analysis. Women hate men, men love women, and that is how it will always be. The innate natures of men and women cannot be changed. In my opinion misogyny is a useful way for a man to gain an objective view of women; learning to hate women is a positive and healthy thing for a man and encourages him to see women in a more truthful light. And no I am not a troll, I simply want to get men to wake the hell up and get over this "respect for women" nonsense. Women will always hate men. The question is how long will we be ignorant of that fact...


Dave, the reason Loose Women can get away with that picture is that men don't complain. And because we don't complain - it continues. Did YOU complain to ITV? Did YOU complain to Ofcom? Did YOU complain directly to Loose Women? That's how it continues. Complaining on this site won't help you mate - or any of us. We need to break the cycle that 'real men don't complain' and a 'real man' wouldn't be offended. That's the ploy thats used to keep us down. Women did complain - and in great numbers. And it was organised. I don't know how many men read this site but we should use this site to pick something every month to complain directly about and ALL complain in that month. That way, they will find it hard to ignore 1000+ complains about the same thing instead of 1000 men adding 1 complaint each to one thing. We should decide at the end of each month which issue made us the most angry in that month and then complain on mass. They have to notice us then. So proud of the guy (Ian?) who won his battle to get the 1 in 4 statistical lie withdrawn from his council. He fought SO hard - just think how easier it could have been if we ALL backed him up and ALL sent complaint letters to his council. We could have speeded up the process and helped him (and all men) out.


John, that's the thing - men do complain, and often very vocally - yet these complaints make little difference. Remember the "Oven Pride" advert, which was grossly offensive and demeaning to men? There were plenty of complaints yet the ASA shrugged them off. Men complain and take a stand all the time, but people and organisations never listen, and those who do object are written off as basement dwellers or (god forbid) misoginysts.

The problem isn't a shortage of men willing to make a stand, it's the culture in which we all live, one that condemns misogyny yet encourages misandry and discrimination against men and boys. We need to change the culture before we can make a difference.


I agree to a certain extent, mananon, however the best way to change the culture is to always complain. If people, corporations, and organisations know that if they put men down in their TV adverts or shows that there will ALWAYS be a backlash... then eventually they will think twice before doing it. Even simply reading emails of complaint (and occasionally responding) takes them time I am sure they would rather not spend. They pick on men because we are considered a 'safe' target. Well, let's let them know that it isn't quite as safe as they think it is.


I owe nothing to Women's Lib. - Margaret Thatcher. A quote worth remembering.

Men have to complain and never stop complaining. That is how feminists became so powerful.


Mananon. Hate plays into the hands of the misandrists. Many women do oppose misandry and more help men. Keep up the pressure on the falsehoods and sexism. The ancient and deep male impulse to protect women will rise if hate is felt to be involved. Fairness and facts pushed time and again are best. All surveys indicate the general population are not with the small liberal elite devotion to feminist causes. Time and hard work , frustrating as it is, will puncture the baloon


You're right, John, I didn't complain, but that's because I have done in the past and it's all been to no avail. I've spent hours upon hours of my life complaining about the besmirching of men on TV and the way they are ridiculed and demeaned. I have lost count of the number of broadcasts (in all their flavours - adverts, soaps, documentaries etc.) where men have been made to look a fool or get kicked in the groin for a laugh or stripped of their dignity where on the had the situations been reversed....well, quite simply, it wouldn't have been sanctioned for broadcast. I'm not saying that there aren't things on TV that are of detriment to women, it's just that the stuff that disrespects, objectifies, demeans men is on essentially broadcast in prime-time viewing hours.

So the result is that kids of today's generation are indoctrinated with the view that it's ok to show a half-naked man with his pubic hair protruding from his jeans (pure double-standard objectification if you ask me!) whereas kids are being told that Rhianna should cover up and that it's bad for women to expose themselves, despite the fact that Rhianna is wearing a hell of a lot more than this guy shown on loose women. And nobody seems to realise that while men are attracted to women and like seeing them, women and girls, too, are just as attracted. Just read the comments on that blog for proof! And where the media picks up on Rhianna being naughty and having to cover up because it supposedly corrupts our young male generation, I never hear that all the near-naked muscular guys in the music videos or the ones prancing around on the x factor should cover up!!

Double Standard! And let me tell you something, there's no way that men are going to get taken seriously by our next generation when we as a society allow these double standards to exist!


One in every handful of male toilets that you walk into , old and new, has a clear line of sight from outside straight into where the urinals are - a clear example of how men, even their most private moments, are blatantly and almost purposefully not considered.

Where I work, there is one set of toilets directly off of the reception where you can see the people walking in and out of the cubicles - you know exactly what they are doing and then there are the smells that leak out and the noises (so sorry but I'm just making a point), and then there's the toilets set around the corner, which are far more discreet.

Guess which ones the men were given.

Oh and then there's he fact that women in pups think they have the rights to walk into the mens toilets, whereas men would never do that. I tell you, it's all about common decency, respect and behaviour. And men are doomed because they haven't got the basics right yet. How do we overcome the basics?


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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