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Monday, 14 May 2012


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Ian (he of the afear'ed words)

Thoughts on this (yet another) sexist male bashing Specsaver advert?

Questions: Why don't we see an advert with a fat stupid woman (same as they are portraying the man)then cut to Gordon Ramsey with a representation of a vagina in the form of a vegetable or animal carcass getting a knife rammed in it?

Wouldn't that be funny? Why not? Why is it funny this way round then? Why do MRM groups not get together and mass complain the advertising standards?


Skimmington you are so right about the institutional sexism. I note the home office release about reforms.

I note the intention to have a new Chair and smaller commission. As usual there will be consultations about the EHRC and the Equality Duties. on both the institutional sexism needs to be challenged.

As with advertising standards unless people protest at sexism and misandry it will continue to be a norm.


Just to keep people informed - this might explain the recent blocking of some MRA sites by providers:


Ian, don't forget to protest the retailers as well. I emailed Boots for example after the 'man-flu' one.


A more positive example of how to advertise both to and about men:


What a brilliant, brilliant ad. It brought a tear to my eye after watching and relating to it. Brilliant, unoffensive, and more to the point, VW would definitely get my money based on that! A refreshing change. I hope others will follow!


The filtering, yeah that is the reason I know, the issue is this is what you get when you CENSOR things to appease whining hand wronger's and agendist's..get it ;-)

Also Yeah I suspect one or two blokes complaining will get a long way?

Shame nobody thinks to consolidate MRA's on their sites and in general, so to launch mass complaints or protests that actually make a difference..then again...that might be a bit "extremist" right?


"Shame nobody thinks to consolidate MRA's on their sites and in general, so to launch mass complaints or protests that actually make a difference.."

It's a great idea (totally straight).
You should do it. I'd be willing to participate in mass complaints and protests.


Dave, totally agree.

Aside from the paternal aspect of it, it was just refreshing to see a father feature in an ad for over 90 seconds without once falling over or looking like an idiot.

A new record?

Funnily enough, there are women commenting on the youTube thread, complaining that the mother wasn't more prominent...


Jon, I've tried it time and time again, and as usual most blokes back out, can't be bothered or undermine you for some petty ass reason etc.

I've done many things over 13 years now, like taken on local councils over censoring male victims of domestic violence, especially when it was after they vocalised their disgust at a female councillor who beat up her husband and the other councillors just said "these things happen" and then censored the male DV victims comments when they complained on the FB page( I hate cowards that do that) The men's charities and some of the male victims were all there behind it at the start making noise , but when it come to writing lots of letters and speaking their mind publicly with your name and face out there..puff like smoke off they go leaving me holding the baby as it were.

In the end I took over the councils facebook page myself in protest, couldn't do much else after everyone buggered off leaving me looking like a flange after helping them, but at least it caused them to shut it down in the end completely thus ballsing it up for them, deservedly so.

It is my kind of direct action mixed with proper legal,factual Propaganda assaults and a good dose of sneaky tech that gets that sort of thing done. Like forcing my county council to have to drop the 1 in 4 nonsense from their site after a full frontal attack with facts and never back down attitude. I put the word aroudn a few MRM and NOT ONE b*astard come to help me, not ONE!

My next stop would have been a cyber-attack on them or waste crap loads of their money taking them through the complaitns procedures or to court representing myself, they cant counter sue me as stones don't have blood in them and can't use the vexatious litigant ruse because the case has merit and basis in fact, always gotta make sure of that ;-).

I've spent small fortunes (not to mention hundreds of hours helping other fathers and some mothers)using surveillance equipment and getting it into family court cases against social workers and other corrupt or agenda types and thanks to the likes of me and a friend also going through it, anyone going to court fighting over their kids (or any civil court) who has a taped phone call, even where you didn't tell the other party, covert recording of a meeting with officials etc can now present it in court and they would find it almost impossible to refuse it in as evidence because we set several case examples already..if anyone argues just quote our cases and the judge will pretty much have to accept it or run the risk of an appeal!

Where was anyone else to help me in all these things..bloody nowhere that's where. But the two of us got a great deal accomplished and legally speaking very useful for Fathers (and mothers) which is a lot more than some buggers have done in 30 years of "talking nicely".

That's why I don't do it any more because I am sick of men letting me down. Question is why do self proclaimed long standing and popular MRM sites not do these things? Why don't men's charities who seem to spend all their time "fund raising" not help? They are in a better position than the likes of me to get people in one place to do so yet never do they bother?


P.S why should "I" do it?

Why are you not saying Skimmington should do it, or (not picking on skimmington) any other person who runs an MRM site?

Why are people not asking such questions all the time? You "gettin it"? :-)


P.S looks like my little MRMinfo android app (completely inoffensive but useful for quick access to feeds and videos) just got turned back to inactive while under review for no reason on Getjar? market ( why am I not surprised)? Submitted it again....

I can't submit it to the official android market Google play because you have to pay $25 for that and if it is to be ad-free that's another $100 to the app making site. I don't use credit cards or bank accounts which buggers me a bit for such things but it would be nice to have an app marking a presence of the MRM available to the eyeballs of many Millions on the Google play markets, even if it is a basic info one don't you think?

Important to get the letters MRM and what it is about out there in the thick of the mainstream and the multiple-millions of people who download from android market is a blooming significant audience it will also help bring in many viewers to blogs, sites, video channels that did not know of them previously maybe.

There's plenty of feminist related on there but naff all MRM related on there..again ooohhh, why?


Ian, I have to say that I totally agree with you about the specsavers advert. I really get sick and tired of these cliche man-bashing adverts that think it's ok to use men's genitalia in this way. I don't find it funny at all and I don't understand how/why men allow them to get away with such degrading nonsense. Like you say, there's no way in the world that any advertiser would be allowed to link violence with a woman and her genitals in order to *supposedly* get a laugh.


Quite right Dave but not enough is being done by MRM sites and followers to address it. I really think instead of just regurgitating headlines all of these sites who have a good audience should do something to bring men together and tackle them? There is always strength in numbers and one has to ask why nobody is doing this?

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