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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


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Another one:

The ever lucrative hysteria of child abuse continues unabated, while you know what Gender they keep blaming all these myths on of course.

Not satisfied with demonising Grown Men, it's boys are all rapists now taking turn in the playground because evil porn makes them do it (never mind breakdown of family caused by feminism and female sexual behaviour in general). The feminist does not like Porn in the same way it hates men who go with Asian women abroad, it takes away their "foo-foo" leverage against Men and leaves them with nothing to hold over them. (was that James may enough?)

This drivel, tells us now that 1 in 20 of all children are being sexually abused. Please note only pictures of Girls in the article because of course it never happens to Males as they can only be the predator, right?

(64% child abuse is by women -NSPCC's own research)


Why don't the media EVER recognise that men and boys are often mentally scared or affected by pornography? Why don't they ever focus on the damage it can do to boys and men who watch it, or how it sexualises the male sex or objectifies them? Orthodox pornography usually consists of two willing partners, male and female, both of whom participate in the enjoyment and get something from it. Men are turned on by women and like to see them naked. Women are turned on by men and like to see THEM naked. That's life! I agree that children should be protected from pornography but I wish people would stop insinuating that boys and men are always the perpertrators and women and girls are always the victims when it comes to porn. It cuts both ways in many cases. And another area where the media totally contradicts itself is when TV programmes about sex "education" or sex lessons harp on about how to pleasure the woman most of the time. If you notice, it's nearly always about how to pleasure HER, with very little emphasis on how to pleasure HIM. So, hang on, on one hand we're all being told that porn is degrading to women but not men, and on the other hand we're being told that sex is about pleasuring women more than men. If I were a kid these days, I'd be a little confused!

By the way, more girls and women watch porn than you think.
But whilst men get blamed and branded perverts when they watch it, women just seem to get away with it. Weird.

It's a bit like the lads' mags out there. Yes they have pictures of half naked girls in there and a few raunchy words to go with them. And then there's the mags aimed at girls which, funnily enough, also show lots of sexualised pictures of half naked males and lots of raunchy words to go with them. Oh, but with the latter, there's also lots of feministic besmirching and belittling of the male sex going on, too, just to put men in their place. Oh yes, and plenty of male genitalia for good measure. Guess which mags are put on the top shelf and have been campaigned against because they are degrading?


Another in news today:

Yes Labour deliberately destroyed the family as part of it's Marxism/feminism and the Conservatives betrayed Fathers by dropping the shared parenting they had agreed on in favour of sucking up to the Feminist lobby.

I blame this entirely on Men not being aggressive enough, years of sitting around "talking nice" this is what you get.


Amazing News:

False accuser of Men actually goes to prison!! But only for a PATHETIC 26 weeks of course! Yet another soft sentence for a women who has destroyed lives.Time ofr this to change!

Now to send all the other female false accusers to prison where they should be,for at least 2 years minimum, which would probably fill them all up?


The story in Forbes is silly but interesting. Following the VAWA many police forces in the US adopted "madnatory arrest" policies. These were to remove the officers discretion on attending an incident. The thoery was that officers were favouring males or at least not supporting female victims. In fact what happened was a sharp rise in the arrest and conviction of women in many areas that operate such policies. It appeared that removing the discretion actually discovered a lot of female violence and criminality that previously went un investigated. As with this article the result is that many feminist groups campaign against this aspect of the feminist VAW Act (causing divisions in the "movement" referred to ). In a away what this showed was that Police discretion, in the US at least, favoured women and that the introduction of rigid procedure actually uncovered this.


The other silly article from the Us published Guardian illustrates the sheer nonsense put forward as evidence. In another british example the fact that many highly paid professionals (mainly women) choose to work part time and are a bit embarrased to tell colleagues is somehow a big problem! A full 30% work part time because they can maintain a desireable standard of living on the part time wage, the rest using time for children or work/life balance!
I can not believe such arrogance at a time when many(men and women) can only get low paid part time work.


"A father's love is just as important, if not more so, than a mother's, a study has suggested. "

Someone should tell the b^&£$% and feminists in the family court system and money makers of the abuse industry that while they to do their bidding to undermine men and Fathers.


And I will wager 90% at least is Mothers using the children as a weapon out of spite. There needs to be full official recognition of parental and family alienation in law and to have it considered child abuse the same as sexual abuse is, with the accompanying prison sentences.


Re the Euro 2012 story, you may be interested in an episode of Radio 4's "Law in Action" from 2010 and showing that the link between football and domestic violence is fictitious.


Always an excuse isn't there, IT made me do it. They are always a "victim" when a women does it. If it was a man, the media would have said, "piece of scum thug, lock him up and he would have been for years!


People think I am joking when I say massive amounts of women today are such a bad life investment and as dangerous to be near as the plague. This one guy found out why and lucky for him he does what ALL men need to do now..record everything a woman says, sooner or later you will probably need it. Question is why he she not punished in any way?


So one does wonder why MP's, womens groups and such in the Western world are happy to spend 100's of millions of tax payers money when it is clearly being raised under false pretences?


Misleading contradicting headlines in papers...

" Modern fathers only started changing nappies in last 20 years....
Modern fathers have been around for centuries but have only bowed to their wives' demands to help change nappies in the last 20 years, research shows. "

but in the next paragraph underneath the picture...

" The idea that the caring 'modern' father, who is actively involved in looking after his kids, is a product of the last 20 years or so is untrue, the study found. n fact, dads have played a caring and nurturing role with their children for centuries,"

So that's how you make 80% of readers think one thing with a false headlines as many wont bother to read the rest....


Disgusted with the NSPCC 'DART' initiative. I've just emailed them to complain also. It really does beggar belief. It seems that feminism really has corrupted everything.


Jon, the NSPCC has been nothing more than a front for Misandry and feminism for years.

Angry harry did a few good bits on these charlatans.
(link to spiked online article in this page is blocked by three)

People have been dithering about too worried about offending the foo-foo and talking nice, that's why it only gets WORSE!


On the Euro football and violence article...

One can only hope the three have been buried somewhere too... attention seeking idiots.

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