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Tuesday, 03 July 2012


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I love this site because it is informative and full of news/affairs and statistics affecting and relating to sexism against men - I have learned so much from this site, all thanks to Skimmington :-)

It's just that the race to end sexism against men seems to be hotting up of late (the comments sections on the internet are rife with anger lately) and I think, therefore, there is room to expand, and what's more, there appears to be the demand! Personally, I have used forums before for and find them extremely useful for sharing ideas and chatting to others about various topics.

I think a forum would encourage more activity and have all the usual advantages of a forum. People could post thought-provoking ideas and lots of topics could be going on all at the same time. We might even get some females joining in with some healthy (probably lively) debate. And perhaps guests like Tom would drop in etc.

I think there are some forums for men out there but they are usually health forums or sport forums etc. I'm not sure if there is a forum explicitly dedicated to men's rights issues (a gap in the market, maybe!).

I registered with a feminist run forum not long ago for the intention of getting a better unerstanding of why things are why they are. I was perfectly polite and totally restrained. However, I got banned the instant that I raised a single inequality against men fact! I was then attacked (after I'd been banned)and called every name under the sun! Unbelievable!

I still reckon there is scope for this, although I agree it is probably time consuming, but rewarding all the same :-)

I'm Sparticus

BTW watch my last post, the one with the MNW videos. look how pro the are compared to these shed hams repeating their betters...this site is a joke, please remove the " UK leading MRM site" bullshit and we will leave you alone

If not. let the games commence.....

John Kimble

I don't really see the need for another forum and it would be a lot of work to run that as well as a blog (and there would probably be some expense involved too).

Antimisandry is a very decent forum and people there are most appreciative of this blog and its coverage of men's issues.


I don't really see the need for a forum either, this site is already very informative and has a comments section which is easily sufficient for discussions.

As you say John there are other forums out there already and it not really worthwhile putting up another, besides it would dilute the 'core business' of getting the news out there.


Just to clarify the difference - in my own head - a forum is where users as well as admin can start threads.. is that right?

No matter, perhaps it will encourage us readers to actually have a go at writing more articles for TROM, which can only be a good thing IMO.


Actually, having read your post Dave I am partially swayed, so I'm going to just sit on the fence!

I have introduced MRA issues in many unrelated forums and the way I see it is its good for 'the cause' whatever the response. Though I have not been hounded (outside the forum) the way you have been.

However if it creates more work for the site owner which would detract from the core business of highlighting news stories that are swept under the carpet, then I think its probably not worth it. We already have a good format in the comments section. The ability to open new threads wouldn't really add to what is already available out there, whereas there are no sites that rival this one for news, not that I've come across anyway.

Mike Buchanan

Skimmington, I'd be happy to contribute to (or even manage, if asked to) a forum on the issue of proactively 'improving' the number of women in the workplace, in recruitment and promotion terms, at all levels of seniority including the boardroom. Please let me know if you'd like me to do so.

On a separate point, why people would take time to post abusive comments on blogs such as this, is a mystery to me. Why don't these people simply contribute their wisdom to websites they support? I'm with Bob, '... there are no sites to rival this one for news...'

Keep up the good work!

Mike Buchanan

I'm Sparticus

There are plenty of sites that do Mike perhaps you should Google more. I don't see none of them undermining other MRA to appease a whining feminists though, ever.

You might find this original article interesting from another site.

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The capability to start new strings wouldn't really add to what is already available out there, whereas there are no websites that competing this one for information, not that I've come across anyway.

An ardvark wearing a hamster for a hat.

Florida home owners insurance? Lol.

There are many other such sites, a voice for men or manwomanmyth (UK site) is more like what is needed, well written ORIGINAL articles, no silly censorship over silly things, it's own little radio show and interviews or youtube channel with their own docu's etc. A forum might not be a bad idea actually and some more material like them. I can understand how it might need more others to help run all that but it seems some are already offering?

No point in just regurgitating a few headlines,even though it has its uses, it also needs some "substance" too.


Thanks all for your comments - as mentioned we can set up something forum-like by submitting short pieces that act as a discussion point. That would be an alternative.

I'm playing the Euromillions tomorrow so if in - I'll happily spend all day on this!


I think Articles submitted by others, like A Voice for Men does, would be the best bet. The important thing is though, like Voice for Men, you should have a variety of Men's articles/views.

Not just the cornflake brand of obedient boys in the geezers shed censoring things and talking nice because some woman moaned.


I will happily supply a basic forum (free) for the needs of this site. I won't admin it though, so you'll need to get someone to pop in on it regularly and check over things. I will be available for technical support if needed though.


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