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Thursday, 02 August 2012


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I told you so comes to mind. Maybe some wont be so quick to delete MRA's comment here at the request of some on there next time?

"Nice words" just get you walked over.


Good work on this article though BTW.


If it's any use, I have taken full-page screen grabs of every link's destination in this article (in PNG format) and placed them here in a zip file for anyone who needs them, shoudl they get deleted from their site.

(click big blue download button)



So blame the economy not their advertising led spending habits? In the old days a woman could not get loans without her husbands signature and it come back on him if she defaulted. Now they have their "equality" they are free to get themselves into huge debt as they seem to be doing so well, now as many going bankrupt as Men in such a short space of time since feminism started proper.

What they don't investigate is how many women are going bankrupt for simply buying lots of rubbish they don't need to satisfy their "sense of entitlement" needs on credit cards compared to men ?


Good one John K...

I stress, I have still not received any response from either, CRUK's Chairman, CEO,Executive Director Fund Raising & Supporter Marketing to my emails of 14th July...Nor to the Recorded Delivery letters to Tesco CEO & CRUK Exec Fundraising Director of 21st May...Hopefully, will have some Press Reports shortly...


I think the comments on this article and the attitude towards these ugly attention seeking feminist vermin, show us how far we have to go and how deeply entrenched, in Men, the white-knight brain washing still is.


Sterling work mate. I'll bet they were shocked to see their facebook pages used to highlight what is obviously their little femi-clique.

As Ian has said, screenshots are a must to stop them removing the evidence.


Always worth screen grabbing as well as many other forms of recording everything;-)I may have cocked up that last link though for downloading a copy of the grabs, here it is again.


Misleading/dishonest women's Cancer charities, seems to be a bit of an epidemic across the World eh?


On a slightly different note but just as ridiculous.

Here we go again, women of less merit "expect" to get the same recognition as those who have done better. Sports personality of the year is based on MERIT and ACHIEVEMENT not gender. Of course the women who do not have the same level of personal achievement won't win because they have simply not been good enough. It is not as if they had to compete against Men, in which case they probably wouldn't have a medal to show at all amongst them. No , once again the standards bar is expected to be lowered/changed to accommodate the selfish expectations and wants of these women.

It's simple ladies, if you want to win sports personality of the year, go and win several Gold medals for yourself and earn it...OR SHUT UP AND STOP WHINING.!



" Poster by Police leads foaming feminists to think women should have to be responsible and accountable for their own actions". - God forbid.

The more realistic warning it fails to actually say is: " Men beware, low brow women who go out and get drunk and sleep with you are Ten times more likely to make false allegations against you, then women who do not act like dirty tramp".


I have a good one for you:

Lets dumb things down to the level of the unmerited women shall we? Why is it women want a women's only sports personality award? Simple, because they can't make the grade to win it fairly. This is even with them only competing against other women, if they had to compete against men I suspect a woman would hardly ever win at all. Nope, they can't make the grade so as with many other things they WANT everything to be reduced down to them.

Well perhaps they might wish to watch this video and see the unfairness and discrimination Men in sport suffer because of women like this.

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