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Monday, 06 August 2012


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I will give this two cheers so far, but reserve the third until we see how the writers bring the storyline to a conclusion. Because we need to remember just how misandric these soaps really are.

It is very hard to find any male character in any soap who isn't either a clown, a liar, a cheat, a philanderer, a criminal, a thug, an addict or just too plain stupid for words (clue: every male who appears in some form of headwear episode after episode is a member of the "male idiot" club. It's their uniform). Plus of course a few murderers and even serial killers thrown in just for good measure, to remind us that men are not just bad; when they put their minds to it, they are very bad indeed. Men are not people in soaps; they are just negative stereotypes, whose main purpose seems to be to remind us of how hopeless the male sex is while making the women look superior.

The male abuse storyline in Corrie needs to end with the abusive woman being exposed and punished. But is that going to happen? Or is she going to be given excuses for her behaviour, that enable her to wriggle out of responsibility and end up being portrayed as just as much a victim as Tyrone? I suspect the latter. I understand her father is already being lined up as the real villain of the piece, so we get the familiar standard message: if a woman does anything bad, it is never her fault and she must be allowed to get away with it; because there is always a man behind her who made her do it, and he is always the one to blame.

So the storyline could yet get twisted round to exonerate the female by making yet another male yet another scapegoat/patsy. That's why I am holding back on that third cheer.


Good news, Feminist M.P louise Mench, another assistant to agenda and ideology polluting our society, has resigned and is moving to New York !


Good points Paul, I wonder if she will be punished with a sentence the same as a man would get or wiggle out of it ?


What was I (we) saying yesterday about Ennis and the bias sports coverage? So as predicted the lady who bowed out of bothering to get another Gold for the country, achieves half of what the men do looks forward to this now. The hype pays.

Les Bowring

When I called to complain about the lack if helpline information at the end of a episode when Tyrone had been assaulted the office for the soap basically laughed it off as he said they would only put up a phone number if they felt it warranted it and did not even know that there we refuge spaces for male dv victims and said only the bbc has a mandate to inform they were in the entertainment business and anyway Tyrone could always just walk away from the problem a very unhelpful person who just saw the storyline as some entertainment for the misandrists out there.


I would add regarding the Olympics issue, do you see Usain Bolt bowing out of a chance to get another medal, even though he has now won the holy of all holy's? Nope, but Ennis did.


An outrage Les, this site and others should make a formal complaint to the T.V authorities.

Did you have the good sense to record your call?

Les Bowring

No Ian I did not probably just as well as I'm ashamed I kind of lost it with the pratt I was Talking to but was glad to see the Mankind phone line up this week I'm monitoring the three main soaps and will continue to complain when warranted also with adverts as well.

We need to organise a group of us to monitor the various tv stations just as the viewers and listeners have and point out the misandrists traits in programmes.


Try making another call Les and record it this time. If you could get that on tape it could be most powerful.


I have mentioned this before and I will do so again for those who are new to it all or those who aren't but keep forgetting:-).

Record EVERYTHING you do that is in any way linked to what we all do here or any MRM/Fathers rights undertakings.

Record phone calls, take screen grabs of web pages, record meetings and so on. I cannot tell you how many times it has both saved my backside and caught out some liars in this little fight of ours. What you think may be nothing can soon turn out to be something when you come back to it later and tie it in with something else.

If any of you need apps, or advice on how, let me know.


Also Les good point on monitoring stuff, I cannot however handle watching any soap they make me feel retarded and like putting my head in a mincer within 30 seconds.

I think as well as what you suggest the MRM needs reps on every sngle Newspaper to monitor for every anti-male story or similar/related and to keep pressure on where comments are allowed, especially to keep putting out links to videos and MRM sites like Manwomanmyths videos and this site in the comments.

It's all about the MRM message, making sure it is "seen" everywhere and that other male readers who are still in the majority, start to wake up and realise just how shafted they are and what they can do about it.


I invite all males to join Quora, a question and answer sites with no duplicate questions. It's a pity there are so many clever people there and there is slightly bias against males, but you can make a difference. Just put dot come to enter the website.


Spam elsewhere George.

Les Bowring

So the kicker goes in we now see that Tyrone becomes the evil one as he turns pushes her away she falls hits head and neighbour see the aftermath.

So the misandrists get their way man bad woman victim


Is that what happened Les? I can't watch that filth, it's retarded agenda porn for the mindless masses.

Anyone who watches soaps should be steralised IMO. However that is one avenue in which you program the zombies with agenda, The MRM need to learn form it.

Les Bowring

I feel another phone call coming on me thinks might even phone in on daybreak tomorrow and see if I can get somewhere with the actors involved. I'm still very new all this misandry stuff I read this site and membership of anti I do what I can



Let's see how the story pans out - she may still be the one who gets found out which makes the story stronger in terms of male victims.

Also they are putting the Mankind number up - I saw it on Thursday

Les Bowring

Didn't tonight though only twice has the mankind info been put up since the story-line started. As I said before the people in the soaps office didn't seem to care about getting a message across it's just a story in their eyes to feed the misandrists

John kimble

If the Mankind number is up and the hateful "Men's Advice Line" is not then that suggests there are no gender feminists working to twist and ruin the storyline.

A good form of activism would be to put up a Men's Advice line poster every time you see a poster by one of the sexist "charities".

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