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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


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Hi John,

Good article, does anyone have a list of all sexist airlines still practising such discrimination?


Very compassionate, stuart. Trust you to try and make a joke about such a tragic incident. Why not tell the widower it is 'good news'? Or his surviving sons? :/

John Kimble

Jh, a good starting point is here:

Depressingly that's just the airlines that fly in or out of Australia.


Stuart, the reason you think that showing basic human compassion to somebody is "c**** begging" is because you are an immature blowhard.
Really, how old are you? You come across as about twelve.
Now, run along.
Real MRAs are talking.


It almost makes me wish there was a way to copyright moustaches so that we could forbid Qantas from using them.


It would be better if they just stopped the misandry Tyiol.


Another false accusing meat sack caught, 2 years is nowhere NEAR long enough. 10 years should be the norm.


Not enough merit for the Job but have 640 grand so you don't start stamping your feet and claiming discrimination until you get what you want? What weak men we have among us.

Thank God I have never and woudl never pay for a BBC license, the tax on the people to pay for their own demise.


An excellent insight into feminism and it's Marxist contamination.

Painter Decorator London

Exellent article..:)


Feminism in it's gender feminist form is indeed a heresy of Marxism. Kicked of by long time resident of Manchester ;Engels. He took his observations and since discredited theories about a pre historic matriarchal society (full of peace and pottery) and kindled a feminist strand that came most actively to the fore as Marxism itself was discredited by the Gulag and Cultual Revolution. By the fall of the Berlin wall and Chinas conversion to a state capitalist fascism Gender Feminism now emerges from the wreckage of Marxism as the only part of the faith left. I won't bore readers with it but Engels ideas are laughable now; but spawned a monster so clearly described.

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