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Sunday, 25 November 2012


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Stuart rises

This is what happens when weak men fall for women and their common antics, something some should know better about. Yet again the female nonsense of "victim" and "depression" whenever personal responsibility and accountability shows us Western men are as dumb as ever in falling for it.

Will they re-arrest this thief and female fraud and give the people justice, or yet again look the other way because it is a woman?

Where is the equality in our ridiculous law?


Hi Skimmington I lke your idea as I know is difficult to find time to polish a post . I for one appreciate your efforts in keeping up an equality focus. I have some hopes that the younger generations will see gender feminism with it's rampant sexism for the quasi religious ideology it is. I still hold to the best reply to the ideology of PC is facts. Afterall with women "winning" in education and pay the whole idea of "patriarchy" looks as threadbare as it is in reality. I recall years ago a woman academic noting feminist research being not worth the paper it was written on and another describing it as little more than literary critism. Gender studies relies on the rarity of research not to impede it's speculations and beliefs .

stuart  the third twice removed

Skimmington you show your age me thinks? A real MRA should be able to operate and debate wherever he is, from a smartphone, a tablet or P.C. You are making the old falsehood of "men can't multi-task" look believable :-)

Perhaps if it was a little more than some copy and pasted articles all chucked into one pos, I might sympathise? Maybe Debate could be encouraged more if the posts were categorised into topic sections? At least you would not end up with such muddle all in one thread?


More laws deliberately brought in for women to abuse and lawyers to screw for profit. Notice they never mention the statistics on MEN victims?

Stuart, producer of smeg

Several feminists just hung themselves. hahahahaha!!!!


Now, I just may submite my case re, in my opinion, CRUK'S (female only) Race for Life being in breach of Article 14 of The Human Right's Act "which gives one the right not to be discriminated against on (any grounds unless objectively justified)...
Can the female only Race for Life be objectively justfied - when considering e.g The London Marathon; The Great North Run" etc, etc.... in which males and females participate together with tremendous success?

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