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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


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We don't Dennis and some MRM should not be so Naive as to accept it. Anyway....

" 1,744 young people in custody, just 95 are girls."

With what I see on our streets every day being done by young girls this shows the massive discrimination against boys.


What does that mean Dennis and Gerry - that you agreed with everything in the above post until you saw the name of the author at the bottom?

These PCC elections may be of crucial importance to anyone interested in men's rights, especially with regards to policies regarding domestic violence. The attitudes held by those elected into the role of PCC may have a direct impact on how the police approach DV, and that fact alone means it is crucial any MRA with an interest in DV should be out there questioning all candidates, and holding all future PCCs to account.

Thanks Aimee for your work wrt this issue, as well as the articles you've posted here and on AVfM. Your efforts don't go unnappreciated.


Stuart, I am not the Scarecrow you mentioned. It's just a coincidence I suppose - that's the first I'd ever heard of him. Oh well. Oh, and to say women have something to contribute to the MRM isn't white-knighting, it's just common sense.


" and to say women have something to contribute to the MRM isn't white-knighting, it's just common sense."

...or Naivety.


Naivety is assuming two people who use the online same username must be the same, despite one having doubts about the role of women in the MRM and deciding to withdraw from engaging with forums like AVfM as a result, and the other who has commented in favour of women who can make a positive contribution to the MRM, and has posted a couple of comments on AVfM recently.

It is possible for several people who happen to share a name to be in different places at the same time...


I did not assume, that's why I asked you.


On topic:

So she gets away with it with that timeless classic of "women's" excuses..she is depressed the poor thing! yeah depressed at getting caught! FFS!!

Would a man be allowed to pull that one out of his backside under those circumstances, would he f***. She stood for domestic violence though...yeah, like all her kind of trough-feeders do. Its part of the entry exam for the self entitled.

Aimee McGee

Stuart and Dennis, I don't care what you do with this info, I've got bigger activism fish to fry such as supporting my beloved in family court so he gets to retain joint custody of his daughters.
Good luck on your own activism


Nope, it was NOT really convicted Telegraph, it got a PUSSY PASS!

Where is the feminists demanding equality in criminal justice and sentencing anyway?

Gerry Dorrian

it's not just gender: it's mixed in with ethnicity issues. You may remember when a woman was arrested for ranting on a tram about foreigners coming and taking our jobs - she was arrested and her children taken into care; in the same week, a group of Somalian girls were released after stamping on a British girl's head and shouting "kill the white bitch!", on the grounds that being Muslim they wouldn't have been used to the effects of alcohol. If we want to address two-tier Britain it has to be across all the inequalities.


Good luck trying to de-program all the left wing brainwashing that creates a system of self loathers like that Gerry, that was one incident, there has been many like that.

Vile country we live in, the only i know that hates its own people so much and especially white men.


Wrong? the idiots that brought any of this to the table should be shit in public, let alone just "wrong".


...i mean shot, no seriously that was a typo.


Aimee and John thank you for this work and post. I will be able to make use of it. These new roles are both a challenge and an opportunity.
Good luck too with your personal battle.


There is no opportunity in these roles, wake up people, it is a toothless role with bugger all power. Just another token perception of a democracy.


It looks good Aimee, certainly worth sending off. Personally I applaud anyone who fights agsinst the misandry so prevalent in almost all areas of life thesedays.


Bad news on Northumbria. Vera Baird gets elected.


As this sets out. The Labour Commissioners will be prioritising the VAWG strategy. Vera Baird being a key player in this in the Labour Gov.
As we know the definition of DV now broadened to all sorts of behaviour and now targeting teenage boys. Not good news.


Clearly the electorate forgot this. Fine and expenses cheat.

Promise the last post on this. Can't believe Northumberland did this .


Indeed Groan. I bad day for equality. She says she will 'tackle Domestic Violence' though there are not enough laws and bias already.

Short memories indeed. Her 98mph driving ban and excuse "she claimed a ban would cause her 'excessive hardship' because she needed her car to wind up her affairs after losing her seat in Redcar," but then it turns out she has an employee to do it !! Says it all really. Plus of course the corruption expenses scandal, a mere trifle.

The more you read that article the more her character shines through, it makes for incredible reading, even more incredible that she is now a police commissioner!

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