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Monday, 12 November 2012


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Firstly, it shows that responsible and mature campaigning for male equality and against male discrimination is starting to work "

I disagree. I also notice in the last few years more MRM sites are being "more inclusive of women" and as far as I can see they are allowing themselves to be manipulated.

We are as far from equality for men as ever if you scratch the surface. In fact things are getting worse if you bother to look behind the family courts, jobs and health.

Plenty of scumbags trying to make coin or position for themselves from it, all while giving the illusion of "fighting" I notice.

Mike Buchanan

Stuart, good morning. Am I correct in inferring you consider I'm one of the 'scumbags trying to make coin or position themselves'? If so, a few thoughts:

1. I took early retirement from business in 2010 so as to write and publish full-time. In early 2012 I started actively campaigning for the first time. I survive on pensions from early-surrendered corporate pensions, which has resulted in an enormous drop in earnings and therefore living standards.

2. 'Position themselves' for what precisely?

3. I agree that things are getting worse for men, but that will only change as and when MRAs engage effectively on an issue-by-issue basis with government and the policy-making and law-making processes. And that takes a lot of focus, time, and hard work.

4. For us, part of the 'hard work' has consisted in developing a substantial evidence base to support our key argument that 'improving' gender diversity on boards leads to a decline in corporate eprformance. A good deal of the credit for that evidence base, and the associated analysis of many academic reports, is attributable to our Research Director, Michael Klein of He has debunked many studies allegedly whoeing a causal link between 'improved' gender diversity on boards and enhanced corporate performance. Not a single such study is left 'standing'.

5. I confidently anticipate I'll keep losing money with my campaigning efforts. I cannot see how it could possibly be otherwise.

6. C4MB, which is run by unpaid volunteers, is the only organisation in the world (to the best of my knowledge) fighting the drive for 'improved' gender diversity in boardrooms, although the overwhelming evidence is that this 'improvement' harms corporate performance and will in time impact on the government's corporation tax receipts, private sector employment levels, income tax receipts... as well as denying many men the senior jobs they deserve, when less talented women are given the jobs that should go to those men.

Have a nice day.

Mike Buchanan


As the Gender Feminist commonly use a tactic of drawing men into fight mode and then using this to discount their view as misogyny it is simply good tactics to be calm and measured. Of course one of their weaknesses is that they aren't representative of women and it is clearly so when women join men in challenging their dogma. I think we have to live with our deep impulse to be "white knights" and not fall into the traps left for us. Finally I would want to say that there are
Many women who both campaign and help men and I think they should be included from simple fairness. That isn't to say that also there shouldn't be all male groups too.

Mike Buchanan

Thanks Groan, good points. It's been my experience that the more 'calm and measured' one remains, the angrier feminists become, because - in the final analysis - they have no legitimate arguments which can bear robust analysis. They only have shaming tactics. If you refuse (as I do) to accept the premise of gender-wide responsibility for the actions of a few people - women themselves wouldn't accept gender-wide responsibility - then you've made yourself immune to those shaming tactics.
I agree 100% with your point about there being space for men-only and mixed groups. That said, I've found it difficult to get prominent women (especially prominent journalists and politicians) to offer support publicly as opposed to privately. I believe this will change in time, as society becomes ever more dysfunctional as the feminist project advances and hurts the majority of women ever more.

Mike Buchanan


Mike, I did not mention you, in fact I wasn't even thinking about you when I wrote it nor so much as gave a hint in that direction.

Your post was rather long and defensive though wasn't it?


Maybe you should be more calm and sensible before jumping to conclusions Mike :-)

Mike Buchanan

Stuart, thnks for the clarification. I am mystified, then, as to who the 'plenty of scumbags' you refer to are, and what relevance the term has to a post concerning the forthcoming House of Commons inquiry.

Just learned there's to be a fourth person on our 'panel', Heather McGregor, a businesswoman and leading light in the 30% club.

Mike Buchanan


Stuart, I think you are being harsh on some of the women who campaign for men's rights. Take the excellent Girl Writes What, a woman who has done much to highlight the problems caused by feminism and misandry, and the double standards to which men are held.

Take a look at her YouTube channel - you may like what you see:

Mike Buchanan

Scarecrow, you make a very good point. And who's done more to publicise the ravages caused by militant feminists over the past 40 years, albeit in one area, than Erin Pizzey? I was flattered beyond words when she agreed to pen the Foreword for my last book.

Mike Buchanan

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