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Friday, 14 December 2012


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It seems to me the Paper are happy to allow such hate speech to keep jobs and create readers by using her and the likes of peter Lloyd, to write rubbish then counter each other. Kind of good cop bad cop to keep dim witted readers amused.

The true point is neither should be writing what they are, one because it is sexist hate speech, the other, because the hate speech should never have been published in the first place for him to comment about.


More free passes for women from our corrupt and man-hating legal system, ""It would be right if Ms Moran were to pay back the monies to the taxpayer but not right that she should be in prison."

Yes she damn well should and if it was a man, she would be.



"She's living a restricted lifestyle, she's not answered the telephone at home for approximately three years, she goes out very occasionally, to a local supermarket for 30 minutes,” he said.

So I guess this blithering fool for a judge has not seen the pictures in the paper of her going down the local PUB drinking it up?


In this instance I think the sentence handed out to Moran is fair. She has been diagnosed with severe depression, and by all accounts her career in politics is finished.

My only hope is that a man who had suffered the same mental breakdown in the same circumstances would have been shown similar leniency...

Mike Buchanan

Esther Walker would not have penned her misadrous article if she didn't hold a view that's more common among women (and some men?) than we'd like to acknowledge. It's good to see the strong criticisms she's received from both men and women on the comment thread on Mail Online.

Nor would Mail Online have published it, if it were 'off the spectrum' of women's views. Peter Lloyd's article is excellent, I think, as have been a number of his articles on men's issues in Mail Online. For a young man (judging by his photo with the article) he has a solid grasp of men's issues.

Very shortly we'll be presenting him with a coveted 'Winston' award for his articles, details will be on the blog.

The more misandry that's exposed to public scrutiny and criticism, the better (the Uni of Toronto feminist demo comes to mind). The misandry that operates 'below the radar' is by far the more dangerous form.

Mike Buchanan


Scarecrow, sorry I totally disagree with you. Our prisons are full of men with Psychological problems far worse then she has. The legal system didn't blink once before making them stand trial or putting them in prison.

This women should have stood trial and faced prison.


Peter is a new addition on my list of heros. Thank God there are people like him fighting our corner. Esther makes me sick and is typical of the attitude I hear in everyday life. Why men put up with it is beyond me; they seem to tolerate the constant man-bashing, I guess because they have become immune to the vast waves of misandry aimed at them as they grew up. This is why I think it's critical that we tackle basic decency and respect before we get total equal rights across the spectrum. Kids and teenagers are heavily influenced by TV, music, films etc. then they grow up and become politicians or lawyers. So if they're taught that men are worthless morons, they're hardlygoing to support equal rights based on health, education, workplace, custody, pension etc. are they!


Brian, I agree about the situation of many men who are in prison, I just think the solution should be to treat men better, rather than making an example of a woman who has suffered severe psychological problems.

Mike Buchanan

Brian, I'm inclined to agree with you. I can't recall a male MP or peer playing the 'depression' card. If women are equal with men, why are only women inclined to pull such a stunt (and why are they allowed to get away with it?) One thinks of all the men killed by their partners by women who claim they've been abused by their partners, offer no evidence for that claim, and walk free. I know two men who were attacked by their (female) partners in their sleep, one woke to find a carving knife embedded in his chest, the other kitchen scissors in his back. In both cases the police initially believed the women's version of events in preference to the men's. One of the women was very drunk at the time of the attack, but would drunkenness be accepted as an excuse for men who committed such offence? Of course not, and rightly not.


Peter Lloyd deserves a medal simply for the number of issues he raises in one short piece. On the issue of Domestic Violence and even deaths can I draw attention to this in Australia Gradually the campaign is influincing those in power in one state.

Mike Buchanan

A link to the blog piece on the Winston award we've presented to Peter Lloyd is below. Let's hope we see more great articles from him.

Mike Buchanan

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