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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


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This guy is ALWAYS worth a few minutes of your life.

This everyday indoctrination he speaks of is covertly moulding and manipulating society and (so far) succeeding to influence our young generation into thinking that it's ok to mock men, be violent to men, slap men...oh the list goes on I'm starting to feel like a broken record!!

I can confidently tell you that once this crap is brought to an abrupt halt by the media, everything else will begin to fall into place.


The app. Game. And the problems of young men are all part of a linked disregard of males. Each one reflects the way negative stereotypes are applied that make life actually harder. It seems at all levels boys and men get no encouragement. No wonder optimism is in short supply.


Lies, more lies and damn lies.

Trust feminists to hijack valentines with a bucket of hate and lies...meanwhile i noticed many business offering, "bring your lady for valentines day and she gets a free drink". That's is discrimination under the Act (2010) is it not?

So why has valentines day become a day for WOMEN and not Men and women?


One of the worst cases of "pussy-pass" I have seen in YEARS.

Tickets others for making calls while driving as a plod, kills a man while making a call and driving, lies to the court...WALKS FREE !


Cameron's "child guru" first thing in office what does this quota filler do?



Shame our treacherous man-hating government don;t listen to her !


Anonymity for men accused of rape before being found guilty but permanent anonymity for women regardless...oh no we can't have mens being protect3d to the same degree. No comments allowed as always on such stories in the increasingly misandry pushing Telegraph.


Council opens door for more false sexual/violence claims by women?

Would you go in one of these alone with a woman in there or worse still a woman with a child?

Imagine the scenario, you both go to do something at the sink/dryer?, one gets in the others way, she's a gobby have a row, before you know it you touched her kid sexually, you hit her, you touched her...etc etc etc.
Of course once that happens all men not convicted but only accused get the faces an identity splashed all over the media....

The idiots running the government and law are making a false allegation charter.


Well the tax payer already pays for the killing of 200,000 unborn children every year at the cost of millions per week, mostly because of the bad personal choices and lifestyles of women.

So now they want the Tax payer to foot the bill in millions for all the selfish women who want a kid at the last minute, because that's what this is really about.


As usual the Gov. produces statistics that show that boys are victims too but its ad. campaign is completely boy= abusive.


Today's launch coincides with One Billion Rising, an event "

What do you expect groan, all part of the marxist feminist order.

I was watching a long thread with a person posting about the truth, this paper is well know for its savage censorship of males and male rights posts while constantly spewing out abuse industry and feminist propaganda.

The fact this high level meeting had not ONE mens group invited to it and some facts a and figures with links to some well know mens sites, like this , manwomanmyth and AVFM. The poster was perfectly reasonable, did not swear or anything untoward. Just posted Erin pizzey's videos and more....

It was met with a huge vicious attack of shaming language, nasty insinuation and hyperbole.

During the night they deleted the whole lot, pure communist style Censorship

People shoudl watch this paper as they constantly push the lies and every time someone questions it, no matter how civil they are deleted and the nasty mob who are always the same "vested interests" are not deleted by the paper.

Surely there has to be a legal angle on that?


Surely if a Newspaper is constantly allowing a group to publish propaganda with false/misleading information or a group that pretends to represent something equally but does not, and upon someone raisin that, then constantly censors them or anyone who attempts to question any part of the article, there has to be some law of redress on such an act?


Cameron openly boasts at being a weak mangina and politician while carrying on Labours legacy of treason.


Your morning man hate and undermining, this time courtesy of the Daily Wail.


I wash my hands of this f****ing country. Any man who works and pays tax is a prat.

Interested Reader

Hi Skimmington

Thought that you might also want to add the story in the above link from my local paper abour a man who was falsely accused of 'indecent behaviour' in a local cinema and turned out to be perfectly innocent.


I wish I had a vagina, I could be utterly useless and make millions for doing absolutely nothing but opening my legs.


5th story about this nasty little group this week, as if too rub the noses of those arguing about their lies and blatant discrimination in the dirt.

Feel free to comment.


Oh dear God I've heard it all now

So being called a name on the internet is the same as Rape now is it?

Is there no end to these women's utter whining victimology? It is almost comical and a parody of itself.


If only people knew how much it goes on, I suspect this will STILL go down as a poor woman victim attack by a man , even if she did it herself?


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