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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


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Glad to see Mike is doing something with the political arty but a wordpress site gives it little credibility, hope you get a proper domain name and web server?

In the News today false rape accuser filth made a false rape claim ELEVEN TIMES, finally goes to jail? Why not the first time and where is the compensation for all ELEVEN MEN?

With judges like this what can you expect?

Mike Buchanan

Thanks Charles. I take your point about the blog and a website, but we have a domain reserved for our website - We plan to launch the website once we have our election manifesto fully developed, which is going to take a lot more time and effort.

We've just launched a public consultation exercise - to inform the election manifesto - and I invite visitors to TROM to comment on our document, which has proposals in 18 areas:

We need to raise funds for our campaign - I'm working on it full-time, and draw no income from donations - and we're asking for a £20 donation to get involved with the exercise. The more we raise, the bigger impact we'll make/ I estimate £20 represents less than 3p per day between now and the 2015 general election where we'll be fielding one or more candidates. If anyone resents paying the equivalent of 3p per day to support this initiative, then we're on different planets.

Thank you for your support.

Mike Buchanan

(and the women who love them)


The website looks absolutely brilliant, IMHO, Mike but it appears you'll need to get more traffic there for it to really take off.

A lot of the political momentum will one imagines need to come from social media, as the mainstream media is notoriously indifferent to men's equality issues.

I think it's a great idea to put a 'donate' button at the top of the page as well. As a businessman you must surely be aware there is a big market out there for these principles. Only question that remains is how to tap into that market:-
that's to say, very desirable product; limited infrastructure to get the product out to willing buyers. That's our problem, seems to me.

Mike Buchanan

Thanks JatCDay, useful advice. The logo was designed by an expat Brit who lives and works in Vancouver, at no charge, as a gesture of support. Anyone else who can help with goods and services, please contact me at Thanks.

I'm hoping an article based on a recent interview with a leading newspaper will be published soon, so that should help build awareness. Plus we have 27 months before the 2015 general election.

There's a 'donate' tab at the top of the page, the link's here:

The link to PayPal works fine - we've had a number of donations already, including some from women, including mothers of boys - but for some reason the PayPal design didn't appear.

I confess I'm a bit disinclined to use social media - the idea of Twitter is anathema to me, although people tell me I should use it! I have two videos on YouTube though, which have had a pleasing number of hits:

Thanks again.

Onwards and upwards!


Ok, I hardly know what to say here. I have just listened to the interview with London MRA and the speakers drew my attention to Germain Greer and one of her books, which apparently, shows graphical nude pictures of boys under 18. If this is true, and this book has been published, then I am truly appalled. This type of thing really sickens me and demonstrates just how far behind men are. It's not hard to imagine what the outcome would be if a man wrote such a book and I find it hard to believe that she can get away without being charged with gross indecency. Absolutely disgusting! Someone needs to do something about all of this, they really do! This is so incredibly damaging. Where is the equality here. Basically, Germain Greer is putting her fingers up to all you males out there and she's getting away with a truly outrageous crime.


Indeed she did. Also managed to do a tv programme with the same topic.


This is what kind of women white-knightism and a lack of accountability creates.

When is it alright to squarely knock a womans teeth out? Whenever she is like this, it's called self defence. Now where is the charge for her assault on the men?


Dave, everyone knows Germaine Greer is a female Paedophile. where is the men's groups asking for her arrest is the question.

The Vagina monolouges celebrates rape and pedophilia in, the Coochi Snorcher declares, "... if it was rape, it was a good rape." when lesbians are molesting 13 year old girls, so why isn't that also banned? Banned By Feminists you would think eh?


If it was a man, there woudl be no question of it, hew woudl be beaten up or killed in the street, slapped all over the media as a pedophile and ridiculed and also arrested of course.

It is time she was charged with it and her book banned.


The sense of entitlement and excuses in some women beggars belief !!


Mike. Liked the consultation document. Only comment is that maybe the education section could call for investigation (royal commission) on the growing gender gap in educational achievement , particularly poor White and black boys and young men. Such a commission could focus on how to reduce that gap. Glad to see homelessness included. A particular issue is ex forces homelessness.
Liked the challenge to public services to employment very good point linked to high male unemployment.

Mike Buchanan

Groan, many thanks. I've always been struck by documentaries on homelessness which show ex-Forces men struggling. A former soldier (who lives 'rough' on the streets) recently told me that soldiers (virtually all of them men) often leave the Army with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder. He said he was one of them himself (he served in Afghanistan).

I hope you feel able to comment on the consultation document. I'll happily waive the £20.00 donation, given your contributions to TROM, but I don't want to make a habit of it haha. Email me at and I'll send you the 'Word' version.

Mike Buchanan

(and the women who love them)


Thank you I wouldn't dream of not donating. I will make further comment. However I do think you have a good set of issues ambitious but not to unwieldy.


Am I the only one who finds this offensive, on International mens day web site?

" The ability to sacrifice your needs on behalf of others is fundamental to manhood, as is honour. Manhood rites of passage the world over recognise the importance of sacrifice in the development of Manhood. "

So who is the Fundamental Christians or feminist running this crap? They must be too write that load of rubbish!


I would also like to point out that angryharry is still blocked by the Three network.

Disgusting nasty man....


This story misses out that the vast majority are boys. Frequently labelled due to "behavioural" difficulties. Linked to the higher number of school exclusions(almost exclusively boys) it is just another indicator of the way boys education is compromised by a school system prone to view them as a problem and hard to educate and deal with. And of course a society all too ready to support fatherlessness. At the very least the educational establishment should be looking at why it is boys are so likely not to be deemed able to be educated successfully by our schools.

Mike Buchanan

Groan, the 'educational establishment' is perfectly well aware why the system is failing boys. It's designed the systen with precisely that objective in mind (for every two male undergraduates there are three female undergraduates), and a highly feminised workforce is happy to follow their agenda like automata. Boys are shamed daily for not acting more like girls: compliant. The system favours the one advantage young women tend to have over young men, conscientiousness, and if they fail a part of the course today, never mind, give it a few months and try again. Hardly a proxy for the real world, is it?

For all their enthuisiasm at school, women's work-centredness tails off dramatically after formal education ends. The renowned sociologis Dr Catherine Hakim found in her research - as outlined in her Preference Theory (2000), link below - that one in seven British women is 'work-centred' while four in seven British men are:

This reality alone explains most of the gender differential in the senior reaches of major companies. Dr Hakim is to appear on BBC Radio 4's 'Start the Week' 09:00 (and 21:30) next Monday, and I'm hoping to get some airtime on the 'Women's Hour' phone-in which will follow it. Fingers crossed!

Mike Buchanan

(and the women who love them)


You might love this !!

Your request has now been considered under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act)
and we provide our response to your request below.

You asked:

Could you kindly tell me how many cases of false rape, false domestic violence or
abuse/assault claims there have been in the last five years and the gender of those
making them?

Dorset Police would not characterise any report of a rape, domestic violence, abuse or assault
as false, though an investigating officer might comment on the quality of the available
evidence in the crime record or in a file submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Where evidence is identified that suggests a false allegation or report has been made, other
offences are engaged, depending on the stage of the investigative or judicial process, e.g.

As a result, we do not hold any records directly identifying reports of rape, domestic violence or abuse and assault as ‘false’ in a retrievable format, so our response must be one of ‘no
information held’.

No wonder rape/d.v/assault statistics are so misleading and false and so many women are doing it...they don't care about it, don;t log it and I would suggest never follow it up. I know of two incidents myself last year with CCTV evidence, neither of which is logged or prosecuted.


So where is HER face ?


The heat is strong in this thread Gents....


The NSPCC and feminists sickness continues. N doubt they are all boys eh?


I hate the left wing BBC - I have never paid for a license

If you hate this sort of thing...why do you still pay tax? work to pay tax?

Only a fool pays tax in a country that regards him as worthless.


If it was the other way around, how much you want to bed it would be considered domestic violence?

Groan . Barry here you have the core of the war against boys. Extending the definition of domestic abuse to teenagers. In fact it is boys more likely to experience being slapped about by their girlfriends. For the obvious reason that boys have strong socialisation not to hit girls. Sadly the reverse isn't true and all the large scale research on teenagers shows boys are more likely to be hit and less likely than girls to hit. At it's Very core there is a vicious lie that boys condone hitting girls. Of course the same press releae ignores men killed by partners, child grooms in forced marriage, infant circumcision and adult male victims of the ever broadening definition of dv.


You might liek this one too.

The heat is on this one chaps, this is a long standing fight against feminism in this area and the discrimination and double standards of a woman councillor who beat her husband being allowed to stay on the same council while she supported refuge and women's D.V groups, yet this guy speaks something in a shop against w9omen and there are claims for his resignation.

comments welcome.


Didn't take them long !!

Account banned from Newspaper for raising the double standards between their reporting and the councils actions involved in matters that are gender related, the censorship of male victims of domestic violence and constant support and censorship on behalf of women's (feminist) groups or female agenda.

Zip file of screen grabs available here:

Now what in my posts as "sparklyeye" was in any way offensive or upsetting (as they put it) to anyone? Other than those practising misandry and censorship of course, who don't want it exposed?

NO foul language, everything I posted was back up by solid evidence and no personal attacks of an unreasonable nature.

This is what men have to put up with. Patriarchal oppression, yeah right.


A women’s group has called for Coun Chapman to step down after the comments.

Independent chair of Women’s Action Network Dorset (WAND), Toni McKee, said: “I think this is absolutely terrible, and there are no grounds for even joking about something like that.

Funny how this group never said anything about Cllr Chrstine james's domestic violence assault on her husband? This paper remes out a few stories a week on behalf of this feminist group.


Yet more tiresomely lazy and divisive "journalism" twittering on about "bias" and "for the same job" when the research is saying nothing of the sort. Doesn't anyone stop to think? Given that nearly all those bonus grabbing bank "traders" bank "traders" are male for instance it seems pretty obvious in that and other sectors many males go for high hourshigh risk high pay roles. In medecine this is Surgeons for instance. It is well known and researched,really only requires the application of common sense and is only likely to be affected if those roles disappear (as happened to mining for instance) or females start doing the same jobs. Not one bit of it is about bias or negative discrimination. Are there no journalists with an ounce of integrity?


I dunno Groan, you shoudl follow the link I posted for an answer to bias journalism, I stand alone being attacked by feminists and the paper right now at that URL.


It appears this nasty man-hate newspaper has now pulled the plug on the lot of it ! All comments gone. They had too. I was not backing down and my facts where causing their feminist friends at WAND all sorts of "distress".

The violent female councillor's daughter come on and started making excuses for her mother's assault on her husband. I pointed out that why is WAND only asking for the removal of this man who only said it (even though yes it was stupid) yet they stay quiet when a woman actually does it or whenever any woman does something that a man would normally be held accountable for?

I pointed out that the Echo has been acting as propaganda agent and thought police for this feminist group for ages, censoring men who question it and not deleting foul language and hate slurs when the supporters of WAND make them.

I quoted and questioned the female editors comment of hypocrisy where she stated she would delete any such personal, remarks but never does when a woman is making them or someone that supports this feminist hate group

Facts...they beat the feminist demon every time ! I'll be damned if I will lay down.


Where is that guy trying to start an MRA party?

I smell coward and user....donate donate ..right?


Barry B

Very funny above, use a different name for a wind up.

So when is International Mens day in the house? Has somebody raised this and made them aware of the date?


in a bid to "eliminate gender stereotypes" that demean women.

So the stuff that demeans men don't matter then?


She's as fraudulent and vile as the rest of them. Women, gays and minorities, but to hell with white men's rights eh?


" What has heralded this tide of fury and disregard for women? After all, these men must have mothers, sisters or girlfriends."

What do you think it is woman ? Don't play innocent, we all know feminist misandry is hyper-active in these places and frankly more and more men are getting sick to the back teeth of it's constant anti-male whining lies and hate speech.

I said years ago feminism would ruin womens lives and cause more and more violence and disdain towards them, rightly so, because feminism is about unmerited reward selfishness and one-upmanship, it is also marxism by the back door.. disguised as liberation.


Well not sure about this. In the piece she does mention two hecklers, so clearly a small minority. And indeed makes a specific point in support of male victims of DV. Overall I have to agree that some of the stuff she recounts is unacceptable. One can't call out misandry and justify what is some pretty nasty stuff apparently from men. As always a pinch of salt needed with the Daily Mail but this piece has a point.


I do think the Queen is simply doing her duty in reading her Government's speech .


Iv'e heard it all know, just how many excuses do we hear from women for everything.


Oh lets have another excuse shall we.,.....


Seeing as the pink Lego is such a recent innovation it cannot possibly have any responsibility for the current adult scientists or lack of . The difficulties of childcare may interrupt careers but again it's hardly likely to influence choices of subject as school or college. Indeed the shortage of science teachers should encourage females as they crowd into teaching. As you say daft excuses.


Interesting that someone who has "made it" is being berated for the fairly obvious point that one has to be pretty single minded to get to the top. Male or Female. Such a book would not get such a pasting if it was a man writing because men simply assume that being dedicated to the job is necessary to become an executive. And of course the life of a top executive is as remote from most men as this lady's is from most women. Good for her if she is merely pointing out the obvious.


Of a piece with the above. Are these people living in a different place? Everybodies jobs are changing going etc. we are in the midst of a recession! I,m sure most of this is jusat business struggling to carry on in tough times.


A token of Equality at last in criminal sentencing?

Two snivelling, lying dirty political pieces of garbage, both in prison with the same sentence. Should have been 8 years each !! With an extra two for her , for trying to play the "woman victim" card.

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