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Sunday, 12 May 2013


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Nothing but snake oil from a career opportunist. You have zero prospect of being elected into anything. Frankly anyone donating to this is a fool. I would not trust you or anything to do with the little cadre between AVFM/MRA London etc, it stinks to high heaven like matt o'connor did. Mark my words this geezer is another opportunist. Where do you have an online register of what funds you get and where they are being spent btw?


I would rather have Melanie Phillips running, she always makes sense and would wipe the floor with this lot. Today she makes even more sense about feminism, the left wing and its stench on society.

Mike Buchanan

'Seenitallbefore' - you've clearly not understood the strategy outlined in the AVfM article. 'Success' doesn't mean getting elected. My hunch is that you haven't even bothered to read the article. 'A career opportunist'? I work 70+ hours pw and draw nothing from donations. And YOU do what, precisely?

BarryB, given you haven't bothered to email me directly as requested, I assume you'll continue to expend your time and energy on insulting people on TROM. That's achieved a lot so far, hasn't it?


I sent you the email, here is the screengrab of the sent box May 6th.

..and here is me telling you I sent you an email on TROM:

So get your facts right. It's funny how just like a feminist you play victim and make claims when someone questions you.

You claim to have a political party but don't intend to win and say it's not about winning? Then all you are is a fraud that abuses and undermines the democratic process, while working toward whatever is in it for you and your little group. Seen it before Mike and I can stink it a mile away. As for how much you do? probably no more than I do while fighting more than one court case at a time. Difference is I am not in it for anything other than the CAUSE or getting my mug out there in the media to sell another BOOK?


Anyway, enough with this fluffery, I see yet another mental case woman in the civil service is up to the arrest? no police for such an assault?

If it was the other way around? He shoudl have simply decked her. I bet the tossers woudl have called the police in then...for self defence by a man.

Mike Buchanan

Barry, I accept that you sent me an email. I would ask you, in turn, to accept I didn't receive it (I've checked, to be sure).

It's perfectly obvious from your latest attack on me that you, too, haven't bothered to spend even five minutes understanding our strategy, outlined in the AVfM article. You clearly prefer to spend your time and energy hurling insults and insinuations around.

The assaults on men's and boys' interests originate from the actions and inactions of the state, so the MHRM has to have a political dimension if it's ever to become effective. If you have any better ideas than we do on how to achieve that, I invite you to illuminate us all.

A final thought. Why not establish your own party? It takes little time, two party officers including the leader, and £150.00.

Jeremy Passmore

Please google "Exposing Feminism" and click on Marriage and Migration.
Please sign my epetition to the Home Office!
Jeremy Passmore


Of course you accept it, the proof of it has just been shoved in your face, no I do not accept you did not get it, I would have had a server bounce back otherwise.

Why would I want to establish a party when I know it is a waste of time and pissing in any poor mugs donations down the drain. Further to that and more harmful, is that the very few votes it will get, if any, will only serve to take them away from the likes of UKIP who are the only realistic chance of getting us away from the Lib/Lab CON that created all this crap in the first place!

You and the "self-proclaimed" leaders of the MRM, should be lobbying them and hammering on their door right now. Not playing £150.00 politician.

I stand by my statements.


Jeremy, exposingfeminism, is that you selling a book too?

Well shit we've just got a load of book sellers here showing what they are really in it for eh? Ha!

Mike Buchanan

Barry, your talents apparently know no limits. You're an IT expert too! A number of people have sent me emails recently which haven't reached me, without them getting a 'server bounce back'. Not one of them has called me a liar, because they know me. I'll add it to your long list of insults towards my party and myself.

I assume you still haven't read my AVfM article (or the comment stream beneath it). No, that would take you away from your ranting. Have you ever considered anger management classes, by the way?

How would I describe your contribution to TROM, and for all I know other lucky websites too? You are to TROM what a pub bore is to a pub. Someone who rants on and on, who's full of opinions he demands everyone listens to and agrees with, whilst making no effort to engage with differing opinions, then insults those people.

I won't let you waste any more of my time. You've wasted far too much of it already. So feel free to insult my party and myself to your heart's content.

Have a nice day.


Well I do have qualifications in I.T

Personally I have not "lost" an email in at least 10 years and the likelihood of it happening on modern systems is almost Nil. However those not up to date still use the same ol' excuses.

Now as we see above you are reduced to victimology, shaming language and bitching when someone questions you and does not just go along with your little club. Well you have spent a time slating feminists for the EXACT same tactics and nonsense and what do you resort to, the very same. Congratulations Mike, you won't last long.

You can tell us all about it in the next book eh;-) Potential donors can make of this thread what they will.


One thing which is promising I reckon is that there's a whole 'lad's army' of guys in their late teens/early twenties or thirties who might well vote for or support J4MB and who the mainstream parties don't get to vote for them.

This is what many commentators say about UKIP, that they've started to mobilise such a force and it's paying dividends.

As David Davies pointed out on Question Time, it's much more anti-establishment than a matter of left or right.

They're just sick of the metropolitan elites in Westminster and the London papers treating them like utter shit all the time. The thirst to get back at the establishment is there but the party needs to find a way to connect with this demographic.


BTW @MikeB dunno, if you are still reading this discussion. Out of interest how come J4MB is listed as a company on its Facebook page? Also are you planning to upload a picture instead of leaving it blank Human beings are very visual IMO.


Mike dunno, if you are still reading this discussion. How come is J4MB listed as a company on Facebook? Was that just the Best & easiest way to do it? Are you thinking of uploading a picture at some point? Human beings are very visual creatures IMO.

Mike Buchanan

Hi SteveyB, thanks for this. Obviously a 'senior moment' there, J4MB is a registered political party. Will look into it. For the moment things are going onto my personal Facebook page:

In time I'll turn it into a J4MB page.


Reckon company is fine as it is/ but PLEASE upload the J4MB background pic, would ya mate? Just dont see a picture of a briefcase going viral to be honest.|

Mike Buchanan

Thanks Stevey B, but 'picture of a briefcase' has me lost. Could you possibly email the URL you're looking at to me at Thanks.


LOL, here:

If you log off and copy and paste it into the address bar you should see it fine . Dunno could be different on your account if youre the creator.


Leaving aside the confused content of this piece. I think it does show that there is a growing "constituency" of concern around both unemployment and men and fathers.

Diane Abbott is of course hardly an advocate for men really, however with exellent talent for pupulism and publicity she does sort of give credence to J4MB's role in pushing issues into the faces of the political elites.Clictivist125 may well be right. The differentially harsh effect of the prolonged recession on men and widening understanding of the unfairness toward fathers does seem to be starting to "rattle the cage" of current orthodoxy.

Mike Buchanan

SteveyB, many thanks. Trying to sort it out.

Groan, thanks. An interesting development, Labour starting to talk about men's issues. I was interviewed on LBC yesterday by Julia Hartley-Brewer about Diane Abbott's comments, when I have the audio file I'll post it on my YouTube channel. The parties will in time have no choice to compete over men's human rights, and our strategy is firmly aimed at accelerating that process. I guess if the pub bore took five minutes off from insulting my party and myself (and other people including Skimmington), and read the AVfM article, he'd know that.

Mike Buchanan

SteveyB, can you please see if you can access the 'briefcase' URL now and let me know? It should be limited to myself. Thanks.


I reckon there are shed loads of pissed-off men who really don't know who to vote for. Do they simply not vote? Or do they go UKIP or J4MB perhaps?

One thing's for sure; many men will have given up on the main parties and there won't be a cat in hell's chance that they'll get their vote. I, for one, wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. It's all too late for me, whatever they promise.

Does anyone know what UKIP's stance is on men's issues?


Dave a vote for J4MB, you may as well burn your ballot paper. UKIP is the only realistic chance and if you waste a handful of votes on these arseclowns, that's one less for getting the lib/lab/con out. In some area one vote was all that was needed for UKIP.

You want to be the one idiot who blows his vote on this toy-town lot and costs your council/area a UKIP seat?

Mike Buchanan

Am I alone in noticing that ever more discussion threads are coming to a grinding halt, once the pub bore starts ranting? Is it time for him to be barred from this particular pub, before the regular customers go elsewhere, never to return?


UKIP at the moment has not published any policies related to men or indeed women. As generally libertarian in stance they are likely to reduce welfare and state spending so upsetting Fawcett Soc. However some of their leaderships public statements are full of White knightery so I suspect they'd be generally supportive of the continuation of female privilege in health, law, children, divorce and housing.

Mike Buchanan

Groan, UKIP also tend to be more supportive of meritocracy. They'd increase the number of grammar school, and abolish initiatives seeking to drive up female representation on e.g. corporate boards. The FTSE100, under the threat of legislated gender quotas in 2015 if they don't 'voluntarily' achieve 25% female representation on their boards by then - a core recommendation in the Davies Report (2011) - the proportion of newly-appointed FTSE100 directors who are women rose from 13% in 2010 to 55% in 2012. Almost all these women, in common with almost all the existing female directors on FTSE100 boards, were appointed as non-executive directors. It's one hell of a gravy train for people who wouldn't otherwise get anywhere near a FTSE100 board. A gravy train being driven by a Conservative-led coalition. And it's not the Lib Dems driving this. It's very much driven by Cameron personally, as was revealed by Helena Morrissey, who leads the 30% club.

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