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Saturday, 29 June 2013


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Wow, this never ends.


I emailed the spain site about this.


Woolybumblebee is the dumb bitch that just turned on AVFM dummy

So obsessed with one or two silly little issues you don't keep up with anything else

The Pigman

Sir, i congratulate you for being so persistent in ferreting out this de-facto censorship. As for the bastards responsible, i am insulted that they have yet to include my humble self. Perhaps as i lean to the left they are making me an exception?


So Tesco who just love to support a misandy race (RACE4LIFE) Now want to ban lads mags from their stores because some woman's group complains?

Will I miss the poison and horse meat they sell,? No.


More propaganda to make the acceptance of Ritalin being pushed into boys on a massive scale acceptable.

Brain enhancing drug? I think not.


Another nail in the coffin of a mans right to defend himself against false allegations of rape abuse and such?

Just play vulnerable need for your allegations to be put under scrutiny on the stand?

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