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Friday, 13 January 2012


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John Kimble

"The other part is that without her, there would be no organisations supporting male victims of domestic abuse - No ManKind Initiative (who she is a honorary patron of), no Abused Men in Scotland, no Dyn Project etc and certainly no refuges/safe houses for men"

Well she didn't actually found any of those organisations so I think some might still have existed without her (albeit being established much later and with less credibility).

She's a fantastic woman. It doesn't' bother me that the sexist feminists have written her out of the history of their movement. However, the lack of recognition from the government is a disgrace. CBEs and OBEs are given away for fun these days, yet a genuine hero who desperately deserves recognition (and has done for the last 40 Years) gets nothing.

Mike Buchanan

Erin Pizzey has been an inspiration for many years, a rare voice of reason and compassion in the domestic violence debate. It's long been known by researchers (other than Feminist ones, obviously) that domestic violence is as often committed by women against men, as by men against women, at all levels of seriousness up to and including murder (Steve Moxon's 'The Woman Racket' and Swayne O'Pie's 'Why Britain Hates Men' cover this topic well).

The reason we hear less about Erin Pizzey than we should is due to the dire influence of militant feminists in the media, in publishing houses etc.

Maybe if you asked her, she could have an extract of the book sent to you for posting on this site?

Mike Buchanan

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