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Thursday, 12 January 2012


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Great stuff. Sorry for the slightly OT post but this video is brilliant Very US based and don't be fooled by the title - she makes some outstanding points


Great link Jon - great points that she made. Why didn't I ever meet a women like that *sigh*. I think she really has a handle on how many men feel to be honest. I must say, I myself feel very isolated in terms of not having other men to talk to - men who perhaps secretly feel the same as I do i.e. disgusted at how men are treated in society today. It seems that most men just seem to take all the crap that is flung their way and either simply don't care - probably because they are socially programmed to accept having crap hurled at them - or maybe, like me, they are scared to say something for fear of looking a fool. I know there have been literally hundreds of times in my life where I have felt insulted or treated unfairly in a situation where a woman would have had quite the opposite treatment. But I never said anything. So I am just as much to blame for not helping protect you guys out there. I don't know why I don't say anything in real life, but I feel ok saying it on line! The woman on the you-tube video has it absolutely right; us men are so utterly fed up with bottling up this long-standing onslaught that we have endured over the last few decades that we are now full of anger. I feel that my rights as a human being are pathetically undermined in favour of supporting women's rights. It's not that I don't believe in rights for women, far from it, it's just that I am absolutely sick to death of not hearing anybody support MY rights!


Spot on Dave. Personally I have reached the point now where I say what I think on the subject and to hell with it - and I recommend it wholeheartedly. My 'light bulb moment' was the point where I realised that any kind of relationship I might attempt put me at great personal risk, every step of the way. From potential false allegations of rape eg in a club where both of you have been drinking (counts as rape now if a woman is tipsy and gives consent) to new laws that mean even if you just cohabit as an unmarried couple, assets must be divided. To the potential likelihood of me losing my house and/or access to any kids I have, if anything goes wrong with the marriage. It suddenly dawned on me it was much akin to the relationship the male black widow has with the female in that after intercourse the female sometimes kills and eats the male if she feels inclined. After that realisation I didn't have much of a problem with speaking up! :) By the way this video is even better from the same woman.


Blimey, she is GOOD - one in a million! I would do anything to spend a day chatting with her - there must be one lucky guy out there. Such a breath of fresh air to know that there are women out there who support our feelings! Kind of gives me some glimmer of hope - until, that is, I switch the TV or radio on again and face the depressing onslaught from the UK media.... :-(


Yes indeed. Thanks Jon. Her other posts are really good. Clearly stated she is a real find. Frankly she shows how men and women need to speak out together. Simply because nature or nurture has made men so disposable and essential to society women sometimes be our best advocates. A reason why men's rights shouldn't become the gender feminists direct opposite, but something different. For the forseable future men will want to protect the women in their lives, the argument has to be that this doesn't have to be at men's expense.


She has a new video up called NAFALT?! (Not All Feminists Are Like That) which is really good as well:

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