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Monday, 28 May 2012


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That's because playing for gay support in MRM is further undermining the majority of men. If some do not see the link between gay men and feminists..look again, one lives off the others agenda while betraying each other at the same time, however neither cares about the male majority and it's issues, only their own.


So this filth murders a man gets a ridiculous 5 years and is allowed out on day release to party and play on facebook

An outrage judges and politicians should swing well as her


Shows a point about the first comment.


Society has zero respect for men and that includes most men who have no respect for their own sex, not just women having no respect for men. The lack of respect is deeply entrenched into society and the momentum won't stop while the media promotes the overall ethos that men are 2nd class. Let's take Radio 4 today where a couple of MALE speakers speaking about small to medium UK business enterprise claim that women are better at running businesses and are more successful than men. Nobody corrected them or even asked for evidence. How often do you hear people saying that men are better at something without being challenged or put down in some way? Then, tuning to the news I am confronted by a news reader speaking of the syrian massacre where they mention the killing of children and women, but not men!
14th paragraph down.
This one mentions women, children and families only.

I understand that this was mostly women and children and it is absolutely awful. But I'm simply making the point that you NEVER hear the media say how many MEN were killed. One thing I've noticed that if, say, a bunch of miners or oil workers were killed (and let's suppose they were men) then the media would speak of them as being simply "miners" or "oil workers". Whereas if they were women, then they would be spoken of as being women. In other words men are not recognised as being men, but simply miners, whereas women are recognised as being women. Does anyone see where I'm coming from with this?


All excellent points Dave and this very thing is covered in excellent detail by manwomanmyth.coms videos, don't know if you've seen that particular one. Starting at 3:30 onwards.


"Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch, we appreciate the feedback and have passed this on to the relevant member of staff.

If you are looking for specific opportunities that relate to these issues in your area, it might be worth getting in touch with your local Volunteer Centre (you can find that out here), alternatively, one organisation that deals with some of these issues is ‘Families Need Fathers’ and they have volunteering roles up and down the country.

Kind regards,

The Do-it team"

-----Original Message-----
From: jon
Sent: 29 May 2012 12:28
To: Do-It Partners
Subject: None of the above


I'd like to request an additional charity category being posted - you have 'women' and I would also like to see 'men'.

Men are the primary victim of homelessness, suicide, mental illness, die more in dangerous jobs, in the military, have a lower life expectancy and are not entitled to a state pension for a longer period of time than for women.

I'd like to volunteer, but would like to be involved in a charity that helps men specifically to counter some of these inequalities.

I look forward to your response because overall I think the website is a great idea and I would love to help.




"Hi Jon

Thanks for your email and feedback.

I’ll pass your suggestion on to the Do-it Programme Manager who can investigate getting this added to the Do-it search options.

In the meantime, some examples of the charity partners looking for volunteers through Do-it, that have roles specifically suited to men, or working exclusively with men include:

The Prostate Cancer Charity


Friendship Works



Sundial Men’s Centre

Best wishes



Ian, thanks for posting that link. I hadn't seen the video before but at least I feel now that I'm not the only one who has noticed such sexist discrimination in the news and media. I know I've said it before but the media is simply not helping men's matters. They continue to inflict subliminal messages into the minds of our youngsters, messages which are subtle but powerful at the same time, messages that spread the subconcious notion that men are disposable comodities who are only there to work and protect. And even when they die, there is no reason to respect them as a man, according to the media. It is the media that needs to pull its socks up!


Hi Dave I listened to the same radio programme and had the same reaction as you. I wrote a complaint to the BBC and will be interested to receive their reply.


Hi Barry,

That's fantastic that you took the time to write a letter of complaint. Would you please mind reporting back to us what their response is (if they respond, that is!). Also, it's good to know that I'm not the only one who homed in on the discrimination!


"Society has zero respect for men and that includes most men who have no respect for their own sex" - you're right there Dave.

Erin Pizzey said that she could not raise the money for a men's refuge because neither men nor women wanted to donate. She said women will help women and men will help women but neither men nor women will help men.

If we can get a sense of brotherhood between men (as there was to a far greater extent in the past) we can continue to reverse the misandry, especially of the past twenty or thirty years. I think this is already happening.

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Like the daily mail website, it has a womans section. Femail, and its full of rubish. Its a way of telling the women that most of the paper is for men and only that bit is for women. Thats why i have always stayed out of women only sections, always known it was a way to keep real information away from women.

Men and boys have never been sidelined, you get less help because? Everyone thinks you dont need it as your strong, women are seen as weaker and more in need. Men also dont help each other and compete with each other too much etc. Also when men have problems they dont seek help, instead they drink more, do drugs and crime. Things that cause problems for society.

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