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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


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There was also this article on the BBC yesterday:


The top complained about adverts, only one abut D.V but not because they constantly show men as the perpetrator when figures show otherwise.

Seems like the MRM need to step-up things?


From the first link:

"Riding the donkey backwards relates to the Skimminton Review and Skimmington Revisited, where in the late 19th century in England males who dared to admit being the victim of being beaten by their wife were made to ride through the towns where they lived sitting on a donkey backwards to cause them shame and they were ridiculed by their neighbours and town folk alike."

Out of interest, is this where your handle comes from, Ed?


Interesting fact Jon? Never heard that one before,I wonder why we never hear of that in Domestic violence propaganda or feminist bleatings?


Hi Ian, yes it is fascinating and kind of counters some of the feminist arguments that there was some sort of epidemic of male on female violence historically.

GWW did a video on this I believe, need to find the time to watch it:

Perhaps you'll watch it too? I know how much you like her hair. :p


Yeah I'll give it a spin tomorrow see what she says, got stuff to do tonight. Besides..The Hair, The Hair!




More male bashing in the media again.

Could it be because most women don't "get their hands dirty doing real work" ?


AND MORE male bashing, same day same paper.


Yet the day before the same stupid newspaper published a report that 70% of women admit to having unprotected sex. The next day they are happy to publish a blame at men for the spread of sex diseases?


Julian Fellows bowing and scraping and self deprecating with his inner mangina to the femi-ladies, of course to further sell his product to them. I guess that makes up for how crap Titanic was on T.V :-)


Julian is president of Dorset men's Society. He's concerned that his wife and himself can't inherit a title. All in all an example of the toffs who pursue their own versions of equality. I,m sure he doesn't see himself as a feminist as such. Of course the main issues that affect men (unemployment,poor education,homelessness,family law,poor health and so on) don't really impact on wealthier men. Hence the disinterest shown by the "posh boys" of all political parties.


Yet again, it is never their fault is it. Blame the man, he made me do it.

Ughh God!


All I can say Groan is he sounds like a silly man, self deprecating effectively and handing the creation of his own skills over to women in order to suck up to them, bloody feeble in my book. Might as well just chop of his own todger and gift wrap it to them while he's at it.

I live not far from him Groan, see him about from time to time.

John Kimble

"Ally Fogg is always worth reading"

Usually, but not always. He seems to veer from condemning gender feminists and debunking their lies one minute to supporting their sexism or stupidity the next. For example he opposed Tom Martin's case so he really can be clueless at times.

I'm not sure if it is an act so he keeps being commissioned by The Guardian or if he really means it.


Plenty in the MRM claiming to be MRA but seem to end up giving over to feminists half the time i'm afraid John ;-)


Yet another baby boy has been mutilated in the UK by the practise of genital mutilation. Why is it there is such furore when the same is done to Females but nobody cares when it is done to so many boys every day?

Because nobody cares when it is male, that's why. More noise needs to be made until this practise is made illegal as all such abuse should be.


Quite possibly the most vile and worse such case I have heard in recent times. This story sums up all that is wrong with Law, institutions because of the stupidity of people believing a woman, with no evidence, dubious testimony, simply because she is female. It treuly shows the sickness in our society when this can happen and nobody prosecutes her or tries to get the massive sum of money she got for a false allegation.

The MRM should be screaming, no threatning if you will, until this sick twisted and all too common example of western woman is doing 10 years minimum and Mr Banks is awarded more compensation than she got.

Read it, I guarantee you will be enraged at just how many things are wrong in this case and how corrupt out societies have become in the name of WOMEN!


This crystal ball rubbing holistic feminist freak just keeps peddling out the B.S doesn't she.


Jon (30 May 10:54)

Yes the handle does come from this but is because all men are being forced to ride the donkey backwards rather than be a DV victim or a cuckold!

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