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Tuesday, 05 June 2012


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Sorry, been a long Jubilee weekend (why don't the radical feminists hold up the Queen as a totem of 'girl power' - is it because she is good at her job and just gets on with it without crying out for special treatment at the expense of men?) so here is a few to go on with. Will be looking at the boardroom issue in the next few days.

Hmm, I think you will find the Queen lives in nothing but a life of "special treatment" and everything she has is from the backs of men, Have you ever seen her doing a days manual work? Funny how some men always fall into the trap isn't it.


As a male in in "female" industry I can observe that men,although a small proportion of the workforce, are more likely to rise into supervisory and managerial roles(despite positive action initiatives for women). Though I can't offer statistics to prove it, the crucial factor from my observation is that these men seek and accept responsibility. It is that simple.


Yet STILL walks free from court!!

Yet another example of preferential treatment to women in law.


Also note on that article at the top 12 comments have been left but the Media has blanked them out at the bottom and closed them. Why would that be I wonder? Outrage at the sexism in law?


A funny thing happened on the way to....

A Documentary claiming to be about supporting Men and Fathers in the raw deal they get in the legal systems, including claiming to have solutions for them, was looking for funding of 115k recently.

It shortly raised my suspicions as being a possible front for feminist manipulation of the issue, after an occurrence on their Facebook page.

Initially I was encouraged by seeing the project, then while pointing out a few things I thought were a bit odd about the funding trailer, a female claiming to support the Mens rights project or possibly associated with it (?), made the statement:

"I think having a woman as one of the creators also helps make the project seem well-researched "

Obviously I was disturbed at such a sexist and baseless comment, especially on a project for Men's and Fathers rights!

I made my disgust at this comment known. After the usual feminist-style tactics from her of obfuscation and shaming language, the Documentary makers Male leader then effectively rounded on me and accused me of being " disrespectful to their friends and supporters" (white knight syndrome?)

At this time and despite being requested, they still did not remove or denounce this comment by the woman. They would not even acknowledged that it was inappropriate, especially when given the subject of the project!

After a few comments the Female poster then tried reporting me to Facebook. She also started harassing me for stating she was being bigoted and sexist. I withstood this barrage and refused to remove my comments on principal. When this tactic failed her, this is what I started getting in my Inbox (censored by me for posting here)


Remarkably even after her comments started being deleted by FB, I alerted the projects owners of this hate speech, the projects leaders, allegedly supporting men's rights, still refused to denounce her and her bile misandry even then?

I have kept screen grabs of the comments and her in-box foulness for future use. They have since even blocked me from the projects Facebook page without even an explanation or an apology!

I know feminists are hijacking many things lately and posing as men or supporters of men's rights to manipulate public opinion. One must always be on their guard. I am not saying that is the case here for certain with this project, but the handling of the matter was appalling. Their refusal to disassociate themselves with this woman or even acknowledge that her behaviour and comments were sexist leaves serious questions about their true motives and agenda.

Subsequently the vile hate speech received from the woman after her sexist comment proved my concerns were well founded and my position on her misandry correct.

One has to wonder what it comes to when you get treated like that and such anti-male nonsense is acceptable on a project claiming to support Men's rights?


I will be watching the matter closely and have forwarded details to some MRA to dig further on those involved in the project.


Watch this and tell me whether Denise would have disapproved so mch had the Honeytrapper been a female honeytraper trapping men!



You could hear the "Victimology" oozing out of that ol' crow. They really don't want the false image of women that is shoved down our throats being spoiled do they. Even if recent surveys show women are a lot more likley to be the cheat in a relationship by their own admissions?

As you say the she/media would have spun it very differently if it had been the other way around. It would have been...

"Empowered business woman" catching out those evil bad men!! Possibly with some intimidating dark music when the man appears and maybe a fist on a table, cutting to a shot of a little cute kitten representing the poor helpless vagina!

.... or some crap to that effect.


You have it exactly right there Ian; the media and TV seem to be ruled and manipulated enormously by female presenters and guests these days and it's a rolling stone with so much momentum that the moss is showing no signs of thinning!

I think it's down to a couple of fundamental reasons:

1. Women get a great feeling and enjoy seeing men getting put down or defeated.
2. Men, it seems, are not yet (on the whole) emotionally joined up with each other and/or disturbed enough when they get belittled/besmirched/objectified/critisised etc. to make them stand up for themselves by complaining.

I also think this is compounded due to more men being at work in the daytime and hence not getting to listen/watch so much of he media's slanted, sexist junk, and hence most don't get the full extent of the indoctrination taking place which is highly likely to affect their offspring (especially boys) detrimentally.

There isn't a day that goes by without the TV, radio, newspapers or magazines communicating masses of biased, sexist nonsense to the masses and thus gathering more moss day by day.

And still, most men just seem to put up with it, probably because they're taught to "take it like a man" !


Couldn't agree more Dave.

You have centuries of chivalry and such brainwashing to get through before you will change most of them. In the meantime those of us who have seen the bigger picture will get lambasted, put down and undermined by our own brothers because they follow this nonsense. All you can do is repeat repeat repeat everywhere you can, every minute of every day, the mantra's of the MRM. Sooner or later it will sink in, usually after they have been shafted, lost their home, their kids or some form of "deserved" loss.

I say "deserved" because Men today deserve to get shafted by women or treated bad, for the simple reason they did not "man up", put the boot in but instead were blindly allowing it to go on themselves.

It is like a drug addict, they have to WANT to be cured, until they realise that it is almost impossible to help them.



Can we tone down some of the phrasing!

- "Putting the boot in" is not phrase to be welcomed for obvious reasons

- You could hear the Victimology oozing out of that "ol' crow" - not helpful - you can use other phrases but not just insults.

I can't agree that "Women get a great feeling and enjoy seeing men getting put down or defeated" but that is an opinion so OK


Sorry you don't agree, Skimmington, but why, in that case, do women these days allow such shear misandry to take place right under their noses, within their circle of families, friends and work colleagues without doing a scrap about supporting a solution to help end this misery?

I'm sorry, but I think many of them are smugly sitting back and enjoying the ride while they're on the right side!

I'd like to see some evidence, in whatever situation you care to choose, that shows people ecstatic with joy that a man has triumphed a woman simply because he is a man and she is a woman. I doubt you'd find much. However, on the other hand, there is evidence everywhere you look that shows people (especially women) thrilled and overjoyed that a woman has beaten a man.

I do think men are rather short-sighted, if I'm honest. And whilst there have been some great breakthroughs in recent years, the general treatment and respect for men is just as low as it has ever been. And without men voicing their disgust, it's very likely to stay that way!

I too, disaprove of abuse and insults, but take a look at the feminist websites and their unrelenting, remorseless attacks on men.

Then step back and take a look at who's winning!


I think its best we don't emulate the bile of the feminist websites. Also it leaves us open to attack if we do.

These feminist sites who insult and abuse only bring themselves down. We don't need to do anything to highlight their sexism. Not that we shouldn't confront them on their misandry.

Also we we have to remember we are fighting feminists not women. There are plenty of women who hate or dislike feminism. Though from my experience they are too scared to go against the feminists and/or just don't want to go against their 'sisters'.

The media is the key though. with the Women into Journalism Programme a few years ago they have fully infiltrated the media.

Ian, about your experiances on Facebook. Yes these people sound like the "Association for Men and Boys" (or whatever they're called) a pseudo feminist front group who while don't do totally nothing are certainly pathetic in their so-called advancement for men's rights.

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