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Thursday, 07 June 2012


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Well spotted Skimmington. Let us not forget, repeat, repeat, repeat the message everywhere, anywhere and always.

Men are human beings too. Prick us do we not bleed.


I wonder if they will let his Son go in Race for life when he grows up?


I know I'm a stuck record on this but the real culprit in the mis quotation of the official statistics is the power of the Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy. This governmental strategy effectively appropriates issues for the "feminist" cause. Quite obviously many forced marriages involve boys and girls subject to their parent's power and the Home office and two charities involved do recognise at least a fifth and possibly a third of victims coming forward are male. Yet these are ignored in the context of a Strategy determined to re cast this as an issue for women. On a very much reduced scale it reflects the process, described by Erin Pizzey and others, whereby a high profile issue is appropriated for an ideological purpose. Very much to the detriment of actual victims.


As typical the media/commenters/her friends do everything to excuse/blame her behaviour on the man or the "usual excuses" like Post natal depression (a classic ruse)and treat her as a victim?


So why the "outrage" only at women being depicted in these adverts when there is clearly a man also?


dave, I agree, once again it is the MEDIA that has neglected to mention in their headline or story that men, too, are included in the advertising campaign. It follows that anyone reading this would be led to believe that it only matters that WOMEN deserve more respect and MEN don't qualify for that same level of respect. That's what disgusts me, not the adverts!

If all of those adverts contained only men then I assure you that no woman on this planet would complain. Which kind of supports my view that, collectively, women in general actually allow/support disrespect towards men.


As you say Groan its the parents who are the ones forcing marriage on both their sons and daughters. I would question these statistics that say 20% of men are victims. I think it is much higher.

Marriage is 50% men and 50% women, so if only 20% of victims are men are they saying that the most of the sons pick out their wives to-be, whose parents then force these women to marry them? I doubt it. It will be the parents on both sides who decide (arrange) who their child marries be they son or daughter.

Its just our western media who genderise this into a feminist issue by focusing on women. The truth is that is is not a gender issue at all but purely, as it says, about forced or "arranged" marriage.


Most of the Men are having to go along with the marriages themselves, so it is far more likley to be 50/50. We all know the politicians and media only mention the females because it is on message with the agenda. This shows their usual lack of care for Men and the overall attitude towards placing women above men simply because they are women. Look what good that attitude has done this Country (in fact the west) over the last 50 years.


Bob (above, comment) is dead to rights. In any 'forced' marriage, there is a man being forced too.

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This reveals their regular deficit of proper take care of Men and the overall mind-set towards putting females above men simply because they are females.

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