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Friday, 25 May 2012


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"(not that anyone wants money taken from women in this situation)."

Sorry to sound ruthless here, but I *do* want to see money taken from women in this situation. Because you see this initiative is very well placed in the category "Changing Culture and attitudes".

What they are trying (and arguably succeeding) to do is to create a CULTURE where everybody thinks that women and girls are the primary victims of violence, and where men and boys are the primary perpetrators of violence. They create this culture by CONSTANTLY talking about violence against women and girls, and by trying to make themselves look good by giving x million pounds to the cause.

VAWG policies, therefore, are set up to demonise men and boys, and IMO that is their primary purpose.


I Agree, and I don't need a sentence like an apologist to appease the feminist in order to say it either, as it does in this article either :-)


Jon you are right to say the VAWG is set up to demonise men and boys. It is a rag bag of policies which coopts general support for victims of violence,forced marriages,"honour" violence and sexual exploitation to a wider agenda. I think it wise to recognise that some of these issues deserve attention not least because they also help boys and men (for instance the charities for forced marriage and "honor" violence. The issue is the VAWG demonisation of men not the support to genuine victims. I don't believe Skimmington is an apologist in simply recognising the need for equity in dealing with the real issues. An "us and them" approach simply plays into the hands of those quick to characterise critics as anti women.


Groan, I don't think that is how it reads at all. That was apologist in tone and structure. I think it should say (if being realist)

"it is time to take away the mountains of over funding for women that they have been getting for years, through using false propaganda and make it more equal by giving proper funding to men. :-)


It's never a woman's fault is it?

Nice to see the very rare occasion of some little "princess" actually getting a prison sentence, like a man would. Alas the press straight away go into "it has to be a man's fault" mode.

She was "Seduced" into it..Oh PLEASE, spare me. She should have got 5 years. Lets hope rich parents don't mean she gets out in a few months! You hang around sub culture garbage and behave like scum, it's your choice and responsibility, not anyone else's, Dear.


This should make all MRA with a pulse feel rage !!

A scandal that shows all western rape law must be trashed and rebuilt once and for all. The likes of Harriet Harman in the UK and her feminist misandry has perverted law beyond all reason, while male politicians as cowardly as they are have let it happen. How many innocent men are in our prisons...thousands, for this and other related crimes like Domestic violence, I am in no doubt after my years of experience looking into this kind of subject.

This scandal in the U.S is truly beyond belief and shows what utter sickness feminism is in our law and how the preferential treatment/ easy believability mindset towards women, has perverted the law so deeply as to make it a highly dangerous and an untrustworthy mockery.

Everything about this case is wrong beyond belief. IMHO This woman should be getting 15 years and her identity well and truly known to all men everywhere.....But where is her picture in the media even after false rape is established?

1) Yet "another" false rape that everyone had so easily accepted was real.

2) Man clearly advised by lawyers to plead guilty even when innocent, because the lawyer knows how screwed men are in these cases as the law so corrupt it don't even require any real evidence if a woman is making the claim. This also shows us how complicit lawyers are in this matter.

3) She wins $1.5m for a false rape allegation which the state can't seemed to be bothered to get back, yet he is only entitled to $182,500 for 5 wrongful years of imprisonment, an outrage of epic proportion! He should see at least $5 million!

4) Eventually it comes out she was lying all along and incredibly the prosecutors say it might be hard to prosecute her, even with a taped interview of her confession?

5) Despite confession of false allegation she STILL does not have her picture in the media al over the place like the man did, so other men can blacklist her and protect themselves from this vile woman's sickness.

6) Although his conviction is quashed he is still being registered as a sex offender? WHY?!!

This case and everything about it SCREAMS why the B.S rape and DV laws brought in by sick misandrists need to be torn to pieces.

It also shows us the incredible complacency of prosecutors and law in general to do anything about vile females like this false accuser. Lets hope this women gets what she deserves. This is going on in the UK also , every could be your Son, Brother, Father next !

All MRA should get behind him and his documentary and scream a demand for all rape law to be torn down and rebuilt with Mens rights as an integral part of it also along with mandatory sentences for false accusers of 15 years.


It turns out the FEMALE lawyer, Elizabeth Harris, that told banks to plead guilty even when innocent was promoted To Commissioner not long after his case!


More deviant Agenda nonsense being introduced to undermine real fathers further.


"..However, provision of support for men is repeatedly framed as withdrawal of support for women. " - A voice for Men.

That is why you should be careful not to fall into the traps this site (and some of its only members) constantly fall into, and showing the feminist-indoctored thinking that remains inside them. The "apologist-toned" sentence in this article, was a clear display of how some MRA need to look at the way they think and learn what to worry about, what not too and why.

UK's leading site for MRM? If it is, respectfully, we all seriously need to do a LOT better.

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