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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


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John Kimble

I enjoyed the Telegraph articles in particular. Was interesting to see how the government had a big list of things they were doing to improve the situation, yet of course they completely missed the biggest barrier - that of the demonisation of all men as sex offenders.

Obviously many peopel have contributed to the situation, bt it really is worrying to still have Patricia Hewitt in government who openly questions whether men can be trusted with children, and proposes to never leave men alone with children in order to prevent abuse!

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Perhaps promote having more male teachers. But honestly, it doesn't depend on the gender of the teacher the quality of education a child can receive.

John Kimble

Very true buy wow - however you need to consider how we as a society have excluded men from all aspects of children's lives - at home, at school or even when flying on a plane!

Men are some sort of alien species to some children, thus how are boys and to a lesser extent girls) supposed to develop normally if they don't see male role models and don't get to experience interacting with men?

Also if you want high quality teachers surely you need to recruit from the widest possible base? Perhaps women do indeed make the best teachers but there would be no way of possibly knowing this until we stop demonising all men. Right now men are artificially excluded from the teaching profession through stigma and sexism rather than due to any lack of ability.


where's a bit of Government sponsored positive discrimination when you need it? Oops I forgot it only goes one way.

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The story was covered in the UK media

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Eventually it'd be cool if you could get a QR code tattoo. Barcode tattoos already exist, but they don't actually contain information. Someone tattooing a barcode on themselves is most likely using it as a political statement, to suggest that they're oppressed by the man, or just a cog in the global machine.


For anyone interested in the subject of men as primary school teachers, consider checking out the support network "Men In Primary" on facebook.


Few women in engineering, parliament, trades etc we are told equates to sex discrimination. We get a flurry of surveys and reports on how to change the sexist culture, attitudes and habits others.

Few men in teaching, nursing etc equates to blah who cares, you don't have to lobby to effect my chances of re-election. They institute a few recruitment campaigns to make sure things don't get too out of hand and people really start complaining.

Female:male graduates being 3:2 we are told by the AAUW that men are doing better than ever before. No worries her either, apparently?!

There's something wrong somewhere.

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