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Friday, 18 December 2009


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John Kimble

Just done some Googling on the Alison Newman case - people are claiming she also stabbed her ex-husband too!

Also if she was abused why did she attack her partner as he was trying to leave her and then imprison him in the house?

It really doesn't add up at all.


She's a woman and therefore, by definition, the victim. Someone asked why he didn't press charges before. Any man who's tried to get the police to take action against violent female partner will know the answer to that - the police simply refuse to help (or just arrest them). It's the standard policy of most police forces (and individual officers) to always treat the man as the offender and the woman as the victim.

John Kimble

Here's further evidence of the bia. Newman gets 2 years for what was attempted murder and false imprisonment, yet a guy throws a tiny tv remote at his wife, due to a rare congenital condition no one knew about it kills her (odds of a million to one). Quite clearly unintentional yet he gets three years!


Three months ago a woman in Edinburgh stabbed her husband five times with a 5" kitchen knife and received 18-month probation order and 240 hours of community service.

If he had done that to her it'd have been a very different story.

Woman stabs husband, gets probation order and community service.


Here is the link ! Didn't manage to post it properly;


dear mr john kimble, who are you to judge people in these situations when clearly you dont no whats went on behind closed doors to battered woman unless you are a smelly fly on the wall????? and you clearly dont no my great mother alison newman!!!!


well what can i say to all this shite, after doing 8 months in low newton and 4 month on tag i can simply say its great to be free again without the physical, mental and sexual abuse that terry smith aka jerry oconnor was guilty in newcastle crown court, judge bolton could clearly see what a nasty intimidating man he was. i dont care what people say about me because i know i never did those injuries to him. but hey feel free to slag me off!!!!!!!

John Kimble

According to all the media reports Newman plead guilty to the offence in question and was therefore jailed as a result. This site is simply reporting news from other respected sources and my comments are simply based on the evidence presented to the court which led to the conviction. I personally view an attack of that severity as an attempted murder though we should of course clarify that the actual charge was "wounding with intent" This still carries a possible life sentence though and looks like a very serious case. It would appear that female sentencing discount has occurred as so often happens in such cases.


well all i can say to that mr kibble is i plead guilty coz my mother passed away as my trial started, otherwise i would never of changed my plea,terry smith was an abusive man who has no friends due to the nasty man he is, infact im going to put my side of the story over to the papers very soon. telling why he changed his name and yes this will be worth the read believe me. ali marie xx

alison newman

may i just add that i am alison newman and i was in court 16th dec so i know exactly what was said that day, print any more shit and il see you in court. how fkin dare you!!!!!!!!!

alison newman

my daughter cheryl did me proud when i got sentenced, she got all the nasty comments removed from all the feed back on the newspaper articles. terry jerry and his family couldnt wait to start writing loads of lies about me, but now its my turn to ave my say so if anyone wants to know the truth i advise them to not believe anything that comes out of terry jerrys mouth. plus the newspapers made lots of crap up as well.

alison newman

and to say id stabbed my ex hubby was a bit nasty like, considering he got sent to jail as a result of a nasty attack on myself, so mr kibble if id not self defend i may not of even been alive today. you people know nothing about what terry jerry put me through,and if you aint been in a situation like i was then who are you to even open your mouth then eh????????

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