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Saturday, 14 August 2010


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Soooooo.. just the usual and typical hypocrisy and misandry from the government then...


Another mature, questioning article JK.

More power to your keyboard.


BBC; "society's different attitude to women offenders is reflected in the language of the media reporting it".

The usual chicken-and-egg BBC argument. They carry misandrous programmes because that "reflects societies attitudes", but ask any advertising executive and they'll tell you that the media generates the attitudes held by society. That's why trillions are spent every year on advertising!

A Labour favourite used to be to bring in anti-male laws because they "reflect the changing attitudes in society". This of course after years of society being subjected to their tax-funded, Domestic Violence Against Women TV campaigns. Paid for predominantly by male tax payers!


Female sex offenders exist and it isn't only the British Home Office and the BBC that deny their existence. I've written an article covering this subject at:



You may find this paper by Jackie Turton from the University of Essex of interesting:-

Female sexual abusers: assessing the risk - Jackie Turton, University of Essex, UK (August 2008)

Who is Dr Jackie Turton?

11 July 2010: Dr Jackie Turton's work features at British Society of Criminology Conference 2010

There are lots more recent studies & research on the issue of female paedophiles/sex offenders including a new book entitled 'Female Sexual Offenders: Theory, Assessment and Treatment' co-edited by Theresa A. Gannon from the University of Kent (UK) on my Twitter page so please feel free to follow my twits.


The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (aka Sarah's Law)

1. How will this scheme do more to protect
children? I thought anyone working
with children had to be checked for child
sexual offences?

This scheme enables any person to request information about people involved in children’s lives if they are concerned that he or SHE might be a child sexual offender – for example (Note: Not exclusively), if a single mother wants to find out more about her new boyfriend.It does not replace checks done by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).


Lesbians are pedophiles too. They are sexually abusing young and teenage girls. But any one does not talk any single word about that.

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