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Friday, 13 August 2010


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John Kimble

Hi Jon, great to have a new writer on the blog. An excellent first piece.

It was great to hear about your activism and you've really exposed the problems with the BBC. In terms of how to improve the piece the only criticism I can think of was it could have been marginally more concise - perhaps slightly less on the processes of what happened and more of the type of stuff in the second two-thirds of the article where you completely take the BBC to pieces so eloquently?

In terms of the conclusions, I'd basically agree although hearing both sides of a story is a good thing. Perhaps the best idea for Men's Hour would be to actually have some hateful feminist guest but use the programme to debunk all their lies and confront them on the myths they are constantly spreading and the harm this causes?

Many thanks for quoting the 3500:1 figure - that was my calculation so nice to see people remembering it (I should add that it only applies to Scotland, although I'm pretty sure figures for the rest of the UK would be similar).

Finally thanks for sharing that final link - an incredible find perhaps worthy of having a whole article dedicated to it? There are actually two major errors rather than one so I think I'll put something together.


Very nice! It's great to see another voice out there.


Hi, best of luck,Jon, in your future endeavours...
I noted the reference to Race for Life - so, have a read of this, incidentally, published on the day Diane would have been fifty (50) had she not died on 17th August 2001.


Hope the above link works - tis the first time I have used an hyperlink on this site..Like you Jon - somewhat...


Alas,my link above never worked - this is the long version


A very welcome contribution indeed.I know exactly the training referred to. It is based on such stereotypes that I'm sure the public would find it almost comical. Can I just plug Parity who have just put a presentation on their site. Also The links on this site to Amen Mankind Dewar Esteem.All part of a growing move to get honesty back into supporting victims


No one will listen to this show or at least a statistically insignificant number who have the BBC on permanently as background.


Hi, thanks for all the kind remarks and feedback.

John Kimble, yes, I was shocked by the link at the end, too. It amounts to nothing more than an attack on males as a gender. It is propoganda, nothing more.

John Taylor, love it. I'm considering creating a satirical website called 'Race For Whitey' which raises money for skin cancer and doesn't allow black people to participate. The wording would be almost identical to that on the 'Race For Life' site apart from the words 'breast cancer' would be replaced with 'skin cancer', 'women' with 'white people', and 'men' with 'black people'. THEN we can ask people if they think it is a good or bad idea, and if they think the solution to initiatives like this one would be to create an equivalent 'blacks only' event, perhaps for a form of cancer that principally affects black people. Do they think that this is a good solution, or would they consider it discriminatory and divisive? Sorry, waffled on a bit there, but Race For Life is one of my own personal bugbears - to the point that I refuse to sponser family members who ask for support with it, and usually letting them know as clearly as possible why they are not getting sponsored. Great work, though.

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