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Monday, 14 February 2011


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Sounds like a plan :)

Felt I had to share my first tiny bit of activism here, after receiving a donation request from Cancer Research UK in today's post.

My response: I have instead made an online donation of £50 to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, and am now writing to CRUK to inform them that I will continue to make donations only to such alternative research organisations until they open Race For Life to male participants.

This way, the good cause does not lose out, only CRUK's salaried middlepersons!

More info about the many alternative research funds here:

Cancer is something we should all be getting together to combat, and RFL's no-men policy goes utterly against this, sending out a dangerous and divisive message.



All power to your mighty quill ProleScum - I state this after being on CRUK's Race for Life case for nigh on ten (10) years...

My recent proposals to CRUK are:

"Keep Race for Life (for females) - but in all the 240 existing venues, launch a 5K and 10K Men's Race for Life - to be held on the same day, in the same locations. The events, as at present, should be strictly "non competitive"... The men's events should be given the same publicity as Race for Life... This format should continue in perpetuity - (to help spread the message & overcome the discrimination against males) CRUK should follow the example of e.g. The Great North Run & London Marathon - in which males and females participate together - with tremendous success" The male events could start earlier, or later, than females...

I stress:
All the venue costs are / should be covered for Race for Life;
The application forms could be bi-sexual;
It protects the Race for Life brand;
It will allow males who want to participate in a 5 or 10K to do so - with males - not females;
It will overcome the long-standing blatant sex discrimination, throughout the UK, against males & indicate that CRUK cares...
It will provide the opportunity for males to participate in either a 5 or 1OK, event, throughout the UK; also, overcome the demise of the 5K Run for Moore - when some males indicated they wanted more challenging events then a 5K - not all males are fit enough for anything longer...
By now holding 10K events for females - CRUK increased the discrimination against males...
I look forward for your considered response which, I trust, will confirm that which is stated at the foot of CRUK'S communications...

With best wishes,

Together we will beat cancer...

John Kimble

Good stuff ProleScum.

Important to support the pro equality charities as well as criticise the sexist ones.


Just cancelled my Cancer Research UK DD and explained why.

The article makes me think... for example, if we had an umbrella group, supporting MP Dominic Raab when he made his announcement would have been so much easier.

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