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Thursday, 25 August 2011


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John Kimble

Excellent summary of the situation as usual. Not sure any sane person could disagree with much of that.

I think the gap is actually smaller at A-level stage and also at University once you remove all the females studying for easier degrees. These latest results therefore support the theory that much of the damage to boys is caused at primary school and many males eventually still manage to recover once at university (but only those lucky enough to make it that far).

Many boys enter secondary education with appalling reading skills and I think primary education is an even bigger issue than the exam system (which does indeed also need major reform).


The yahoo headline this morning (from an article by the Press Asscociaiton);

"GCSEs gap 'as boys lack maturity'"

If there ever was a load of misandrous tosh this is it. Boys did better than girls in the past, were they for some reason 'maturing' earlier then? Even taking different exam formats into account this 'maturity' argument is insidious and very offensive.

Boys today are completely bombarded with messages from all quarters that their lives are of less value than girls, that their gender is to blame for domestic violence, rape, child abuse and a host of other 'man crimes'.

All really boys really require is to be in an environment that encourages them to study and there is nothing more encouraging than a rewarding achievable goal.

A place in the family and in society as an equal as well as equal options for the future are true motivators.

A life as a second class citizen who cannot even expect to have a secure place as a father in the family never mind be free from misandrous daily propaganda is most certainly not a motivator. Boys who see their own fathers excluded and their gender routinely vilified, will never be fired-up when it comes to participating in such a society.

Girls on the other hand who receive the opposite messages from society, the media and undoubtedly many of their feminist mothers (SMOGs Smug Mother's of Girls) will be very keen to take part.

The media is how the feminists spread their brand of discrimination and the media will be the key to its undoing.

Headlines like "GCSEs gap 'as boys lack maturity'" however shows we have a long way to go.

Michael Steane

The school system was designed for the express purpose of keeping the newly emerging working class down during the industrial revolution. The methodology was borrowed from India where it had been used to maintain the caste system for centuries and adapted to prevent learning and retard maturity in the West. (Read John Taylor Gatto's An Undergroung History of American Education available free online for more information on this subject.)
If anyone actually believes the system is trying to help students learn instead of produce a mass of pliable people, they should ask themselves the following questions:
1. Why are schools completely unable to teach foreign languages to conversational levels when children merely exposed to second languages used for communication purposes systematically achieve this goal?
2. Why after continuous changes over more than a century has the system not improved?
3. Why are home educated children able to achieve results which are absolutely stupendous in comparison with those in formal education?
Arguing about methodology is a waste of time. The purpose of school is not to provide education.


John you are quite right about A Levels. In fact the gap actually reduced this year. This suggests that there is nothing "natural" about the steady increase in the gap and that action can make a difference. Bob. your point about the past Gap is well made. Again what it indicates is that work to improve Girls' performance has been effective. All in all there seems every reason to suppose that boys attainment can be increased by concerted effort.
Frankly this is desparately needed not least because the operation of the "positive discrimination" clauses of the Equality Act will increase the use of paper qualifications as a proxy for demonstrating canditates were treated fairly. Things like competence in work or skills and qualities are harder to measure to courts will use exam results.

The Yahoo headline is clearly sexist. And would be seen as such if the fact that black boys perform badly. A headline the black boys are less mature woiuld get them into instant hot water.

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