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Sunday, 11 September 2011


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Things Are Bad

We are assured this is actually Tom then?

Things Are Bad

This video linked at the site seems quite suspect (complains only about "sexism" against women):

I wouldn't donate.


I have donated. Tom's case looks set to at least highlight fragility of the LSCs case. After all the LSC laweres fall back on an arguement that the course is discriminatory but this is "justified". So lets see them try to justify it.

John Kimble

It's quite heartening to see so many condemning the author of the Guardian piece and arguing against him so eloquently.

I've read hundreds of the comments and perhaps some of the most interesting questions concern the conduct of the Guardian itself.

Usually in any discrimination case they'd be backing the wronged party, arguing his case and condemning any powerful institution for their conduct, not to mention condemning the sexist culture of the academic discipline itself.

Instead we see them backing an institution linked to the Libyan regime and dismissing a case they know nothing about.

And for those who aren't aware, the Guardian's 'entire Comment is Free site is run by a gender feminists by the name of Natalie Hanman. Funnily enough she has some experience of gender studies, having taken a course in at at the LSE!

BTW a little more coverage of the issue here:

Things Are Bad

FYI: Tom stated that the video was put up by his web designer and it has now been removed. He appears to be the real deal.

Things Are Bad

Tom has an article in the Guardian that links to your website:

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