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Thursday, 01 September 2011


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The EHRC did a similar report earlier in August The cynic in me thinks these reports reflect the interest of many Quango crats who must be worried that they will lose their Publcly funded executive jobs on spending cuts. With out quotas they may prove unemployable. However the truth is probably that the lack of public support for ppositive discrimination means the idealogues know they have to keep up the litany of mis information. In a recent Scottish survey the 79 percent were against positive discrimination. The survey actually showed the Scots as a pretty fair lot, able to spot unfairness when they see it. Needless to say the report chose to charactise this as a mistaken understanding of equality and call for more effort to pursuade people how wrong they were. It would be funny if it wasn't that this stuff is taken seriously by those in power.

John Kimble

"they applaud the fact that junior female executuives are getting paid more than male exectuives - so if the CMI were being fair and equal they would be now campaigning to stop the gender pay gap against junior male exuectives."

This attitude is hugely revealing. Producing stupid reports falsely alleging or wildly exaggerating sexism against women is bad enough. However, applauding and celebrating lower wages for young men, presumably as a result of the failures of our education system is quite frankly despicable not to mention hugely hypocritical.


I remember the Equal opportunities Commission (or EOC) came out with a report that it would take 200 years to get so-called equality.

It just goes to show that the feminists and their misandry are still at large in these quangos and still just making it up as they go along - I mean they must be if they have such wildly varying estimates and offer no proof or openness about their 'research' methods.

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