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Thursday, 15 March 2012


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Ian King

"looked "a bit rapey".

" A further feminist tweeter by the name of Sarah Lesniewski later went further, likening Martin to the perpetrator of one of the worst massacres in Canadian history and questioning his mental state"

The usual types of language from the twisted Feminists then, doesn't it really show us how sick and twisted they really are?

Tom Martin is doing what every man in the country needs to start doing.

Enough of this Feminist poison already!!

Enough with the epidemic of False allegations.

Enough with Fatherless children because of agenda.

Enough of women only short-lists, that prove they have no merit anyway.

Enough of dumbing down occupations to accommodate unmerited women like Police/Fire/Military etc.

Enough with the "women can do no wrong" stupidity of the Family court system

Enough of the incredible disparity in sentencing for crime, where women on average get no prison or less than a third compared to men for the same crimes.

...the list is endless....

Enough , oh just ENOUGH!


I am shocked. Shocked! that Tom's case has been rejected. But do you know what? I think this will make Tom even more determined to win this fight. Quite often, cases are taken to a higher court where they are overruled. I honestly believe that Tom has enough evidence to do this, especially now that the publicity is growing. I heard the interview on Radio 4 and, well, what can I say but what an absolute gem Tom is! I loved the way he dealt with the question near the end regarding what masculinity meant to him. I mean, what kind of a dumb-ass, meaningless, purposefully-diverting question was that! His quick put-down was a classic where he said something like “ it means nothing….anyway, I’d rather talk about equality for men….”. And only being allowed 2 items from his list!!! The only advice I’d give Tom, if he gets a chance again to talk publically, is to reel off a nice long list of irrefutable inequalities that men suffer in comparison with women, regardless of the interviewers agenda!


It is dissapointing about the case. However not surprising considering the "david and Goliath" nature of the contest. As a contributor to Tom,s funds I consider it money well spent as Tom's case has both brought the issues out into a more public domian and revealed him to be a consumate debater. I shall contribute further and urge others to do so. The feminists resist public debate (as aopposed to one sided advertising of their views) precisely because they know full well they have little public support and many of their stsances bear little scrutiny. I have to say this week also saw more in the media about women in board rooms. I have to say this is rapidly turning into a feminist "own goal" as more commentator observe that it is about very privileged women (upper middle class well educated and "well married/partnered") seeking more priviledged. I hope the Fawcett continues to spearhead this as a demonstration of its irrelevance to the vast majority of women. Public debate and facts will pucture an ideology protected by the hidden world of women's or gender studies in our univerities. It is a long game and Tom and other heroes will need support as they battle this well dug in beast.

Family Lawyer In Orlando

I was really surprised it was rejected by the judge?


It doesn't make sense that a judicial hearing can be denied by the society. There must be a way to force a hearing. If this judge does not allow a hearing on the matter, I suggest rallying MRAs from around the world to fly to the UK and do a silent protest until the hearing is allowed. Or something of the like...

Whatever happens we are not to give up on this.
Even if it takes a million years.

Tom Martin

Yes, the Walthamstow MP, Stella Creasy, is just another bog-standard false rape queen, claiming false rape allegation rate no higher than false allegation rate of other crimes:



"The publicity Tom has received and the resulting debates are a already a victory."....very true. Tom, you're a hero mate and an inspiration to those MRAs ready to be the next wave.

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