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Saturday, 28 July 2012


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Good to have this all out in the open, at least online. The "news" channels never report it thesedays.

It saddens me that even the Tories have resorted to discrimination to appease the feminist media.

Again they hold the assumption that male MP's are against women or vote in a discriminatory way. Whereas women who get in on a feminist ticket DO vote against men and DO foist more indoctrination on the rest of us.

Surely there must be some recourse for wouldbe male candidates to go to the EU court of Human Rights, not that they will get away from misandry their either!

John Kimble

Actually, for all their faults, the European courts have been pretty good at dealing with misandry in the past.

Pretty much all of Parity's major victories came about there as did the hugely important recent insurance ruling.


Urgh, to read this after I am still recovering from the Socialist/feminist puke that was the Olympics opening ceremony. Single mothers and feminists with a finish off with Chakrabarti from the group that tried to legalise child porn in the 70's.

No wonder this country is a dumbed-down pit of garbage with still no medals.

I wonder if any MRM sites are doing a study on the Olympics, from TV adverts to the opening ceremony to show just how man-hating it was? I noticed quite a lot of things.


You're not alone there Stuart I promise you that. My very first experience of the ceremony was Steve Cram talking about discrimination against women in sport.

This from a runner who is barred from Race for Life, the biggest single sporting event in the country, because he is male.

Mike Buchanan

Thanks for keeping the spotlight on this important issue. I resigned my Conservative party membership in the autumn of 2009 when David Cameron introduced all-women PPC shortlists, using for the purpose legislatoon introduced by Harriet Harman in 2008 enabling parties to use such lists for the coming FIVE general elections, i.e. 25 years. No mention of this possible legislation (need it be said?) in Labour's 2005 general election manifesto, of course - the manifesto which committed Labour to a referendum on the EU). Ha.
When will more men finally realise the unvarying pattern? When men hand over power to women on a plate, some women will exploit that power ruthlessly to discriminate for women and against men. The people who should be most ashamed of themselves are the men who give these women that power in the first place. Among them in politics is Cameron, and in business the company chairmen and others who campaign for the 30 per cent club

Mike Buchanan


Hi Skimmington. "No men and no women who believe in equality should vote Labour in any of these seats:"

Just to say I think the last five words are not necessary. Collectively Labour have supported this and allowed it to happen. I would hope that any MRA with any dignity and logic would immediately swear off Labour until they radically and obviously change their bigoted philosophy and policies. Harman is the worst kind of demagogue and in fact one of the scariest bigots I have ever encountered - simply because she gets away with it.

Although what with recent news on circumcision I have to say that Angela Merkel's political cowardice now provokes the same level of disgust in me.


"The people who should be most ashamed of themselves are the men who give these women that power in the first place"

I totally agree with you here, Mike, it makes me sick to see so many of our country's high profile, so-called 'intelligent' men being so bl**dy stupid and short sighted and allowing such blatant discrimination to take place which directly contributes to the ultimate demise of our country!!

I'm really starting to think that much of what we have to put up with these days is actually due to men allowing everything to happen right under their noses. I mean, women don't put up with all this nonsense. They are vocal about these things. They unite and complain in vast numbers. They show emotion over things that aren't right and they join forces with this emotion and convey to everyone their dismay when they aren't supported or given respect.

Men don't do this, which is why we are where we are.

The problem is that men are trained from a small child right up to adulthood not to exhibit emotion. This has been the case for thousands of years so it would take a miracle to change the way most men think in just a few years.

Men need to learn how to respect themselves and their fellow men instead of focussing on impressing the girl all of the time.

I think there are a few of us men who have the brains to realise what is going wrong with society, but sadly, most men appear oblivious.

It's the men we need to work on.

John Kimble

"Just to say I think the last five words are not necessary. Collectively Labour have supported this and allowed it to happen."

Well possibly every single Labour MP now supports misandry or refuses to speak out against it and its a very sick organisation, but there are still a very, very small number of people in the party who actually support fairness and gender equality. I really didn't think such people even existed, but I did get to meet one last month.

Realistically, I can never ever see myself voting Labour, but say a decent Labour MP who supported men's rights and was openly critical of the party's misandry came up against Lynne Featherstone and was the only other person with a chance of winning then I might be willing to hold my nose to be rid of such a sexist individual.

Getting rid of all the misandrists from Parliament is the most important issue.

John Kimble

"with a finish off with Chakrabarti from the group that tried to legalise child porn in the 70's"

It's very interesting to consider the identities of three of the people running the organisation back then:

"From 1974-83 the NCCL was headed by Patricia Hewitt, who was later to become prominent in the Labour Party, serving as Health Secretary. A number of other future high profile Labour politicians worked at the organisation at this time, such as Harriet Harman who worked as the legal officer and her husband Jack Dromey"


Yes John k, I know about Hewitt, Harman and such feminist involvements. Nice to think we had such vile people as deputy prime minister and head of large organizations too. It is funny who so many interviews, press coverage and such always keep this information way down below isn't it.


Ya'll read this rubbish?


Yes, the "research" is twaddle. But it does raise many of the issues in the comments. In the modern age there isn't any real survival need to value women over men. Yet we still do. As so often commented on in this blog whether or not individual men do sacrifice themselves is different from the general social expectation that men are the expendable sex. Even the laudable public sympathy for military deaths reinforce the social mores that applauds men who die and is deeply suspicious of men who survive. Though there is no longer a "white feather" ,men in the news often seem to get a printed one in news reporting if they have the good fortune to survive a situation in which women die. On a different level the whole women's shortlist debate seems to assume that women should only represent women's issues while men should think of the wider society, after all, all the recent feminist legislation was passed by men in Parliament.

I regard it as a strange positive that in fact the increasing number of female MPs have generally proved as dismal as the male. At least puncturing the idea that women somehow will automatically be more capable or virtuous.


If they did the same article but about female would be called a sexist writing by misogynists.

I hope that TROM, the "leading MRM site" has done its homework and monitored every minute of the games and seen what some have seen and ready to report on it?


Stuart, I totally agree with you that had this been the other way around....well, we all know that it would never be the other way around.

In actual fact, I think it is extremely confusing for young males of this generation at the moment, because one minute they are seeing themselves being ridiculed by the media as fat, useless, smelly, good-for-nothing dead-beats. And the next minute, they are being stripped to the waste and sexualised, exploited and objectified for the titillation of the female sex.

In fact, soaps, films and drama these days seem to have completely turned their attention away from sexualising the female sex in favour of sexualising the male. For instance, where a plot requires a couple to be seen as getting close and partially sexual, they always go with the cliche 'man taking his top off' scene. Has anyone else noticed that!?!

And to take this even further, I believe there is a strong correlation between the disrespect that men get in today's society and the shear number of naked (or semi-naked) men that the media choose to exploit these days. I've said it before, it's like men are being stripped of their emotion and belittled as part of a feminist agenda of some kind.

When you think about it, it must be awfully confusing for young boys to see this sort of rife media behaviour, which is ultimately nothing short of blatant sexist objectification, and then the next minute to be told that it's ok to take their shirt off in public. It is kind of strange when you think about it.

I predict that as men become more and more objectified, many men will choose to keep their shirts on in public. I also reckon that, eventually, half naked, sexualised or objectified men on daytime TV will be frowned upon severely. It will take some time to come around but I guarantee that the phase that we are going through will end abruptly when men eventually wise up and say that enough is enough.

Every other advert, every film, every soap,newspaper, and every drama is ram-packed with half-naked men at the moment, all for the titillation of women and probably gay men, too. I find it quite peculiar that men allow this to happen. I guess it proves that men have less emotions and simply don't give a rat's ass, which is probably why they get no respect.


They don't mention the constant demonising of Men in these adverts either. So if it is clearly shown it is upsetting and distressing children, can you imagine what view of Men they are getting from these nasty deliberately anti-male type of adverts.

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