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Thursday, 26 July 2012


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John Kimble

That Conservative article is a disgrace and goes to show that people should assess how they vote by the merit of a candidate because misandry seems to be present in every party across the political spectrum.

I have to say I'm so incredibly disappointed with the stance of so many supposedly Conservative female MPs today. In the past we had Tory females standing up for men and equality to a greater extent than even men themselves, but the present lot, especially those from A-lists might as well be in the Labour party. The consequences of failing to select candidates on merit really is incredibly devastating and proves that such sexism simply perpetuates further sexism.


Spot on about the need for men with some self respect and a bit of backbone in the class room. Though its a mistake to automatically say men coming back from a warzone automatically will make good teachers.

Another great news roundup, many thanks!

I have to comment about the Olympic Ceremony. Strong feminist themes, Suffragettes but no Chartists!!! Usual discrimination by omission.

An exercise in propaganda.


Good stuff from Ally Fogg. All the stuff on women in the board room and parliament does rather look like jobs for the (already middle and upper class) girls". In an interesting asideon the olympic Suffragettes. At the time there was far from unversal adult male suffrage and the suffragettes relected the class and age prejudicess of their day.

On a final note eaders may find the poem. "Don't put your trust in movements" a succinct expression of the dangers of ideology for ordinary people.


That's a fantastic site Groan. I spent a good while reading through it.The song (seemed more like a poem) is very good. Rings a bell with many men out there for sure.


Thanks Bob. It is to me an inspiration. And a reminder that it is the ideolgy and idealogues of either sex that need challenging and not the creation of an anti women "movement". Of course there are many brave people who share there stories but Mark's poem seems particularly memorable.


Well I se the "movement" is well bedded in the conservative party. Read the Perry piece,I shouldn't have for the sake of my blood pressure!

What amazes me is that there are a series of well known international research studies, mainly done by feminist academics all of which concluded that there is, to varying degrees both charging discrimination and sentencing discriminations for the same crime according to gender.
In effect males are more likely to be charged and recieve harsher sentencing.

The reasons for this are not roket science:

a.In the countries researched males were more likely to be seen as fully responsible for their actions.
b.Consequently please for mitigation (mental health, poor circumstances, illness, bad influences, abusive parents etc.)were not accepted or given as much weight by courts.
c.Males are seen as individual agents so the effect on others doesn't influence charging and sentencing(children, spouses, parents)So for instance mothers of small children or caring for older relatives wil recieve leniency. The research indicated Fathers will rarely find this consideration.

Of course the feminist authors wanted to challenge the central notion that females can't considered as less able to be responsible as men! In effect this is Perry's arguement; girls are incapable of taking responsibilty for their actions. Mid victorian nonsense from someone apparently living in Cranford. It would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous.

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Amazing piece of sexism rightly derided in the comments section of the piece but this is someone tipped for big things. Just another part of the movement that believes that justice should not be gender blind and that equality only means equality when it suits.

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