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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


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Many thanks Skimmington...

This is the link to Cancer Chat re my Open Email to CRUK's CEO

See Comment 187

Best wishes to one and all


Good effort over the years John but I see you have been handed your hat in the end.
This is what I meant when some here deleted my comments at the behest of whining feminists on CRUK chat.

I could have told you that would be the outcome, in fact I did. To debate with these shrews and wretches is a waste of time once you know their game and tactics. To give into a single demand is fatal.

They have no intention of listening to you or letting you have proper equality, they just want to keep you going around in circles wasting your time until you hang up your hat.

Take heart john, in keeping with my deleted comments..the FAT lady ain't sung yet.

P.S Record everything!


Hi Ian...

Let's say I have sown the seeds which, hopefully, others younger than I will nurture and achieve the ultimate objective...
I stress, not all females are against RFL being open to both sexes...
It is now for others to rise up and be counted...I have other things to concentrate on...

Best wishes in achieving all your objectives...


Yes lets hope your seeds grow John T.

As you say, it is not those females you speak of that anyone need to worry about so much (participants), it is "those" sponsors that R4L refuse to name and many of those running it who have a say in what is done at the top and behind it's scenes. They are the target, they are the ones people need to do some digging on, their professional affiliations, their personal lives , political affiliations,everything.

Dig into that I guarantee you will find something ;-)


On that theme:

So they can give the drug to a foreign terrorist but not to our own Men, they say it was too expensive (2.5m a year) but the same system is happy to pay that much A WEEK on the 200,000 abortions that kill life every year in the UK. Abortions that should never be on the NHS anyway as most are personal choice and responsibility. When was the last time we heard the same people also saying anything was too expensive in regards to women's cancer treatments?


You have done sterling work John, for many years, and been a great inspiration in the fight for justice and fairness - and for increasing the funding available for cancer research, which CRUK in its blindness has chosen to block rather than give up on its appalling sexism. But you have earned your escape from the fray and hopefully others will pick up the torch. The signs are good.


Many thanks, Ian & Paul...


Just spotted this, will our emancipation come from it?


Great to see communist feminist garbage Pussy riot, is now Pussy Quiet.

Well done Russia, nice to see someone dispensing some real equality. I am already hearing the pathetic liberals, white-knights and such going on about their children...guess what, shoudl have thought of that first shouldn't they. If it had been three men they would of got a good beating, 3 years and never seen their kids again...well Russia don't let me stop you continuing to practise such equality towards feminists;-)

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