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Sunday, 19 August 2012


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As you say the story behind the suicide figures and the lack of a concerted effort is a scandal. In some countries (also in recession) the male rate is still falling so something is missing in GB.

The Telegraph story is very pertinent to a whole range of issues.
"Yet while women account for 62 per cent of trainee GPs they make up less than a third of hospital consultants. A reluctance among female doctors to take on more demanding specialties, such as cardiology, has led to fears of shortages in key areas."
This is a growing problem for the NHS both in Hospitals and in the availability of GPs as these are increasingly part time GPs taking advantage of work life balance. It is a fundamental question for our society: If masculinity is associated with skills and attitudes that supports men doing the dirty and dangerous, who will do those jobs? Though only touched on in the article there is a shortage of agricultural vets. A job associated with erratic hours and messy working environments.
So I suspect that the initiative has less to do with equality and more to do with the shortage of Vetenary graduates literlly going into the field.
However a welcome use of flawed legislation and highlighting some real problems earlier in the education of our young people.


Good to see the Belfast campaign. There has been a bit of progress on the Island of Ireland. Amen in the republic was able to link to a male abuse storyline in an Irish soap last year. I think this goes to show the importance of Amen,MAP, Mankind, AMIS in changing perception of this issue.
I think the qotes below show the start has to be promoting helplines for men.

"Just under 400 men called a 24-hour helpline run by Northern Ireland Women’s Aid Federation (WAF) in 2010/11. Men now represent 1% of calls, according to Annie Campbell, WAF’s director."
"At Men’s Advisory Project (MAP) — which caters solely for men experiencing domestic abuse — the number of males referred has varied from 300 to 350 in recent years. There is also a waiting list seeking counselling services."


The lies continue;

They won't tell you that a significantly higher proportion of those "rape claims" are in fact false! The media is sickening in it's utter contempt for truth.

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