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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


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Look at the papers last two day and see the stories. The women will learn in the end when it all ends up in tears or the country is bankrupt from serving their selfishness.

It's no mystery that all the main papers, Guardian, Telegraph, Mail etc all publish the same propaganda "studies",it is all quite deliberate.


P.S programs like that are why the MRM should stop faffing about and get consolidated and go to the studio's, celebrity's homes that endorse the nonsense and protest in anger while citing many facts to dispell the myths they spout..

Mike Buchanan

An interesting story. This is all part of the 'men good, women bad' narrative that has been the default setting in the media for many years. Men are just as guilty of producing and profiting from this paradigm as women, to their eternal shame. I was struck by Swayne O'Pie's observation in 'Why Britain Hates Men' that in 'The Simpsons' - created and produced by Matt Groening - all the male characters are dysfunctional and all the female characters admirable. I might add that the same can be said of 'Family Guy'. Even the male dog is dysfunctional! Very funny series, though...

Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan

My apologies to the estimable Skimmington and his estimable readers. Two errors in my last comment, which I can only attribute to senior moments:

- I meant to start with 'An interesting story, and an excellent analysis';
- I meant to say (obviously) not 'men good, women bad' but 'men bad, women good'.

Mike Buchanan


Nice observation about the Simpsons Mike, I wonder how many "ordinary people" ever noticed it or realised that? It is no surprise that the Simpsons is another left field creation of course;-)

Anyway, don't worry Mike, this site is the "shed" for old curmudgeons n' farts...there is many a,"senior moment" here. However, with age comes wisdom...eventually ;-)


I totally agree with the comments stating that in the Simpsons and Family Guy that most of the time all the male characters are dysfunctional and all the female characters are admirable. But I think its more to do with the power of the TV channels and media in general and their bias. I doubt Simpsons and Family Guy would ever have seen the light of day had they pitched ideas to the TV channels that they were creating a sitcom that showed male characters as admirable and female characters as dysfunctional. I'm sure they had to give the media, what the media wanted to portray, in order to get their shows commissioned.


I haven't seen this show. I did see one that sounds the same "Tool Academy". I think the prize in that show was a holiday for the winning "Tool" and his girlfriend.
Leaving aside the vulgarity the basic premise appeared very traditional:

Men aren't good at relationships.

However the whole thing is a back handed compliment. As the show relies on:

Men being resilient in terms of putting up with humiliation and discomfort.

Not being afraid of being the butt of jokes and having a laugh.

Concerned to "prove" their worth to those they love through services and gifts.

Willing to learn and develop in order to give a lead in the relationship.

Protective towards their loved ones.

Like a whole range of shows a central feature is that men are the butt of the "joke" based on assumptions that they can and will "take it". One can see the lack of women taking such roles in these shows reflects an assumption that they are both too delicate emotionally and physically to be so exposed or tested.

In other words victorian values in a moden vulgar guise. Surprised at the feminists not protesting this classic Men=active Women=passive.

Andy C

I came across this article in the Daily Mail today:

A classic example of double standards. It seems there is always an excuse for women


There is ALWAYS an excuse for women and until society holds women to the same standards, account and punishment as men, none should be respected or valued, their own victim agenda and it's tactics devalues them.

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