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Saturday, 08 September 2012


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More female filth:

Female prison officer has sex with rapist, then when caught out tries to make a false allegation. What kind of garbage we have in our authorities, however 9/10 if it's female it gets away with it. We have her kind everywhere.



It has a twat between it's legs it escapes accountability. The boyfriend gets prison of course even though it was HER dog. No woman deserves respect or decent treatment until this SICK country stops this constant gender bias perversion of law.

Equality is what they scream and equality is what it should be, SHE should see the inside of Prison bars also. Any woman who argues different deserves to be treated the way this dog was.


The Dance of the White knights!!

Prime minister during question time making excuses for not grovelling enough to feminists at the opposition who has spent all their time ruining this country while on their knees to them. As always they pay no attention to men other than themselves.


This will be that "Glass ceiling" lie the feminist always trot out will it? What a cowardly bunch of Men we have in Government, overlooking better qualified people for positive discrimination, sucking up to the feminist core vote while allowing women like this to rob the tax payer blind. When will a man in government have the balls to stand up and point out what positive discrimination and feminism has REALLY cost this country?


Another imaginary, "glass ceiling" (see above) victim. Top head in the country (woman)facing charges for financial irregularities. Of course she goes straight to the poor woman victim mode which she knows will help her before the White-knights of the legal system to esacape the same punishment as a man if she is brought up on charges.

It is terrible to see two women in two days who have clearly suffered in their top jobs form the glass ceiling and who have showed us how competent and honest they are? Will there be the same accountability as men get?


Because it is MEN who are too blame eh?

I think more men are realising what nasty pieces of unmerited, greedy selfish work western women are and go elsewhere or don't marry at all. Those who already are most likely won't divorce because they realise they have already been infected and trapped and if they do they will lose everything.

Anyone who does marry here is frankly insane!


Laughing, listening to these droning women complaining about paparazzi and calling them pervs and stuff over the Kate middleton shots, then I reminded these brain dead feminist mono-toned bimbo's that..

The Pictures taken by a WOMAN it appears (miss suar) , of an unmerited spoilt entitled woman, then pictures published by a WOMAN, in magazines bought almost entirely by WOMEN!

Now shut up woman!

Stuart ids blocked by THREE mobile internet.



Update on Ginger Beer/poisining Husband TV advert complaint:

Thank you again for contacting the ASA regarding a TV ad for Old Jamaica Ginger Beer.

Just to let you know that we’re still assessing the issues you raise and will be in touch again when there is further information. You should hear from either myself or one of my colleagues shortly.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Kind regards,

David Humber

David Humber
Complaints Executive
Direct line 020 7492 2248

Advertising Standards Authority
Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn
London WC1V 6QT
Telephone 020 7492 2222

Follow us on twitter: @ASA_UK


Good News it seems we now have three ministers for women.


Better news:

We have a slimebag lefty male-traitor at the BBC.



We said it was coming and the stupid would not listen. Now the corruption of the domestic violence industry will get a law so men can be prosecuted criminally for sulking, making an insult or any other "emotional" CRIME by women.

Lip service is given to it applying for men too but as we all know domestic violence is virtually 50/50 in blame, we also know however women are rarely arrested or charged with the crime even though this is fact. Meanwhile of course the feminists behind this perversion of course are complaining once again of a lack of FUNDING, note this keyword here people...FUNDING.

Meanwhile all those stupid brainwashed men will have been helping to dig the graves of their son's by not standing up against this bullshit and calling for a stop to the runaway man hatred of domestic violence laws.

You thought western women were nasty toxic investments now, wait until this shit is thrown about and abused.


Regarding above, they are also saying that under 16's will now be officially recognised as victims or D.V for the scope of this "law".

Can you dare to IMAGINE what boys are in for with the state of the demented nasty teenage girls we see everywhere in this country?


Here is exactly the kind of dangerous and grotesque thing that I can see more of coming in our twisted legal system.

So these two women CLAIM to have been abused and raped as CHILDREN, try to blame their 4 failed marriages on it, then when well into their 40’s at least? They try to take a 78 year old man with dementia to court seeking both a criminal claim and of course one for a "lot of money".

The court could not try him due to dementia but put it to a jury anyway? WHY? Why put it to a jury if he cannot be tried unless it is nothing but trying to generate fodder for the “abuse industry” and it’s agenda?

With what proper evidence after THAT many years was there, other then emotive bleating and story-telling? Was there medical evidence of rape from that many years ago, I very much doubt it, and if so why wasn’t the matter in court back then if there was? So much stinks about this it is frightening. What on Earth did the Jury think was proper evidence? Does this show us that Man can face a conviction on no evidence at all, just emotive mob mentality and stories. Yes it probably does.

This I think is a terrifying series of events that could not only set a further precedent to grotesque miscarriages of justice, but could also lead to the persecution and abuse of mentally impaired Men by women with a grudge or trying to make money?


Sorry link to story for above comment.


It seems the new DG of the BBC has ducked down a bit on his initial statement in the telegraph yesterday (see a few comments up) however I don;t buy a bit of it.


P.S of course the Telegraph after publishing his article yesterday which was quite blatant on his stance, have not allowed comments on today's article. Wouldn't have anything to do with the backlash of many comments arguing against such misandry on the previous one would it?


The definition is carefully neutral but the reporting and support services are all about saving women and Girls. So we know the application will not at all be neutral.

Stuart you are quite right. one of the very crucial effects of this definition will be that it will be used by statutary agencies. So for instance the Family Courts will use it in determining if a parent(usually father) has been abusive. It also will be used in the quasi legal instruments such as Go orders,injuctions,ASBO,Multi Agency Risk Assessment and Clares Law. Situations where professionals from statutary agencies make quite far reaching decisions without much or any opportunity for challenge in a court. It is a charter for women to make vague accusations against men in order to get statutary agencies involved in "punnishment" without the need to prove anything merely suggest that there is a "risk". And now this risk can be of a very vague nature.

No this will not be of any assistance to men young or old. Even though the official statistics quoted in some of the press (though not the headlines) show a substantial proportion of "victims" are male.


Talking of vague accusations Groan, yet another story of alleged abuse going back decades, he is bailed, tagged and labelled without a hearing or conviction. I mean what evidence do they use after decades when some bitter female suddenly decides to pop up and make an allegation years and years later? It seems to me there are too many of these cases like this kind getting convictions with no "proper" evidence, just hysterical emotive hearsay and emotive jury. Very, very disturbing indeed.


P.S Also note the headline, "Hey Dad! actor 'sexually abused child co-star from popular Australian show'

Yet again headline speaks as if already convicted, without a trial.

I am not inferring guilt or innocence in any of these posts but FFS, one is SUPPOSED to be innocent before proven guilty.

They worry about Kate middletons soggy ol tits and want to slap the media about for it, how about worrying about something serious like this witch hunt mentality?!!


Meanwhile all the resources have gone into woman, then everyone wonders why progress is going in reverse?

How easy it is to turn a great nation into compliant dumb slaves?


"Female prison officer has sex with rapist, then when caught out tries to make a false allegation." an incredible story Stuart, not reported anywhere in mainstream either. Shows the arrogance of those women in power.

Also the new definition of DV and inclusion of under 16s will be a disaster for boys. They have it far worse from the gov't, media and society in general than a couple of decades ago.

The staff enviroment of organisations which are suposedly set up to help teenage gang members is often female dominated and (in my experience) they show no sympathy and absolutely not a jot of understanding for the problems faced by these boys. Some are on a crusade to make sure that the boys 'don't hurt women' whereas in reality its the boys who are far more likely to be assaulted by other boys, police or girls in their peer group.


I agree Bob, there is just no accountability for women and until they are held responsible and accountable to the same levels as men are, they deserve no respect. I would like to know how that female M.P who said she wanted to end women's prisons is allowed to be an M.P? She has clearly admitted to not representing the interests of 50% of her electorate and this country.

As for the new D.V ruling, we will have to wait and see how much damage that does, I can imagine there will be a lot of criminal records on young men in the future and the only crime they will have committed was being stupid enough to go near a western woman.

I tell all young men i know save your money get your skills and get on a plane.


It's a miracle!!

A court has acted with intelligence for once!! This now sets a precedent for other fathers and Men, now once shown to be false will the courts bang her up in Prison where all scum females like this belong. Also the social workers shoudl be sacked!


Dirty liberal left trying to discredit judge who rightfully sentenced women to 8 years for killing child in late abortion. Notice again no comments allowed on a story where it is involving a woman wrong-doing.


Under the new domestic violence laws a man who did this could be guilty of domestic violence, here when women do it, the press just make up excuses for it.


Regarding comment above and law against men being introduced,

See here:

"Verbal insults, taking control of a spouse’s finances or **isolating them from family and friends ** could all count as domestic abuse under the new definition"

Also note both stories have not allowed public comments on them for anyone to point this out!

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