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Saturday, 22 September 2012


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It's been a busy fortnight for Misandry!!


Jelaga King, defending Baker, told the judge: ‘She is very remorseful. She is not a sexual predator grooming a child for her own gratification.

‘She is as much the victim as the victim himself.’

This is in that article about the vile female sleeping with kids next to her toddler. How is it these disgusting western skanks are always "victims" no matter what? The lawyers need to be shot alongside the Judge, then the woman.


In relation to this, today all over the news, 30 year old male teacher and 15 year old girl escape to France and you would think it was WW3 with all the news coverage and hyperbole.

It will be interesting to see what happens to him, compared to when a woman walks free after having sex with two 14 year old schoolboys in front of a toddler? (see stories above)

The double standards as always, are staggering and I cannot see how on earth the law can justify it's sentencing as it does. There needs to be a push to change the attitudes of the courts and to make it LAW that the same level of sentencing must apply to women as to men and it must be handed out with the same proportions.


Males absoluteness SHOULD hit females , in the same circumstances as you would hit a male or when females think they are allowed to hit males.

Drop the chivalry brainwashing on boys.


"Absolutely", damn auto checker..


A documentary I would say is designed to enforce the notion that if they can get enough deranged women to make up must be true. Fronted by an "EX" policeman, a child care "expert" and some women who make claims form 40 years ago.

Trial by television of a dead man who cannot defend himself. Just how sick and dangerous is this country getting?

Aimee: I suspect you will be right.


Can you imagine a man cutting off a woman's breasts or gouging out her vagina and walking free from court? This filthy fat vile specimen of femininity did. Then the stupid man takes her back? Why do men never learn?

The courts sentence in this case was criminal and such lenient sentences like this need to be investigated as it is clearly a breach of human rights and gender discrimination.


Unbelievable!!....."She will complete 200 hours of unpaid work" as a so-called punishment for sex with a 14 yr old and 16 yr old, both schoolboys and THEN SHE MAKES A FALSE RAPE CLAIM AGAINST THEM. Nothing on the TV news at all.

Yet the teacher absconding with 15 yr old gets full media saturation, with the obligatory witchhunt.

The domineering partner = DV issue, well lets hope that men use it too. They'll have to include being forced to go out and toil 40 hrs a week while she sits a home as DV if there is to be real equality though! It will be used as a misandrists charter though, just wait until women start to threaten their partners with it, femi-fascism in action.

If the TV didn't trivialise assaults on men's genitals and treated it as they do assaults on women then that woman who got a suspended sentence for mutilating her boyfriend would have been properly sentenced. As you say Stuart the sentence is a crime, to say the least.

Its unbelievable that most men don't bother about these stories and as for Women's Aid and co, the silence from them speaks volumes about their true ideas on 'equality'. No rape charge against her? Why if my genitals are on the outside does that mean I can't be raped?? There should be a male rape law and a female rape law.

Thank you once again for bringing all this into the public sphere.


Have another one Bob, though not as "Serious" as the above , it is none the less ridiculous and blatantly sexist.

I now want to know if they can publish some twaddle like that about women? Where in the world have the tightest Vagina's, after all nobody likes a woman with a wishing well for a twat, your always wishing you could feel anything! Nobody likes too look down and see Labia so large it looks like a prop from the Horror film, "Mutant Slugs from outer space"

So why can't we have articles that speak of women like that then?


They moved it now and comments allowed.


They say "parents" but I wonder how many Men have been approached or checked compared to women?
As always the press never ask these questions, usually on purpose.

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