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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


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Disgusting, but is it any surprise given the spineless brainwashed mangina's and white knights we have in Law, politics and public wo let them get away with it or make excuses for them?


Who else is watching this vile Jimmy Saville business? These wretches come out of the woodwork after his dead and make these allegations 40 years after the fact with no actual evidence. Of course along comes the dreadful feminist Esther Rantzen who's little charity has much to profit from such nonsense also. This is yet another step into making it acceptable to the public that allegations no matter how unprovable and foul are believed without any real evidence as long as women are making them.

Is it not enough this media assisted witch hunting against men, driven with hyperbole and unprovable allegations is allowed normally, but even when they are dead?

This is one sick country.


Freed for being a WOMAN. Would a man have been?


Well here is the response from the Advertising standards people on the Advert that was spoken about previously.

I don't know how many of you bothered to submit your complaints? As expected however when the recipient in the advert is a male,or physical harm/domestic violence is done to the, nobody cares or thinks it will be offensive.


Thank you again for contacting the ASA. I’m sorry to learn that this ad has caused you concern.

Our Code says that ads should contain nothing that is likely to cause serious or widespread offence. The ASA bases its judgments on the content of the ad and the medium, audience, product type and prevailing standards in society.

Complaints about offence often require difficult judgements but we don’t intervene where advertising is simply criticised for being in poor taste. Apart from freedom of speech considerations, even well-intentioned and thoughtful people will have different and sometimes contradictory opinions about what constitutes ‘bad taste’ or should be prohibited. We can only act if the ad, in our judgement, offends against widely accepted moral, social or cultural standards.

We recently referred your complaint about this ad to the ASA Council, the final arbiter concerning decisions relating to breaches of the UK Codes of Advertising. An ad might be in breach of the Codes by, for example, being likely to cause serious or widespread offence, being materially misleading or risking or causing significant harm. The Council considered the ad and your complaint but concluded that there were no grounds for further action on this occasion.

While the Council understood that the theme of the ad might have been distasteful to some viewers, it did not consider it likely to be interpreted as condoning or making light of domestic violence or that it was likely to cause serious or widespread offence or undue distress.

I realise this may disappoint you, however we’ve passed on your complaint to the advertiser (without revealing your identity), so they’re aware of the concerns that have been raised.

Thank you again for contacting us with your concerns. Our website,, contains information about the ASA and the work we do.

Kind regards,

David Humber

David Humber
Complaints Executive
Direct line 020 7492 2248

Advertising Standards Authority
Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn
London WC1V 6QT
Telephone 020 7492 2222

Follow us on twitter: @ASA_UK


This complaint was submitted in regards an advert that appeared on TROM some weeks ago.

stuart when have Fathers had ANY rights in this toilet.

Now look at the state of society with women running things. I rest my case.



Join in lads!!

conservative feminism

This is terrible,this is totally seems that inequality will always prevail in every field.I would like to appreciate the great work done by You,Please continue posting like this..

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